Chronic atrophic gastritis

There are several reasons that can lead to atrophic gastritis.Likely to lead him Helicobacter pylori and autoimmune gastritis.

Since H. pylori infection is associated majority of atrophic gastritis.The bacteria cause the first superficial chronic gastritis, which becomes atrophic.Atrophy can affect all parts of the stomach or each of them separately.

subatrophic gastritis refers to the initial stage of atrophic changes, not yet completely formed.

Focal atrophic gastritis is characterized by the appearance of areas of atrophy of the mucosa, that is, areas with a decrease in the number of glands and their partial replacement of a simple epithelium.

atrophic antral gastritis indicative of atrophic changes in gastric antrum, the further progression of the process.

Multifocal atrophic gastritis means that atrophic changes are subject to and antral, and all parts of the body of the stomach.This state is considered to be precancerous.

Autoimmune gastritis is associated with genetic predisposition.The bod

y produces antibodies which lead to their damage fundic glands and their subsequent loss.Atrophic lesions can affect all prostate or any individual.When this can not form a sufficient amount of gastric juice.

gland atrophy - is the loss of the cells that produce pepsin or emit hydrochloric acid.Atrophy of the mucosa - are areas of the mucous membrane, have lost their normal function and partially substituted by cells of connective, epithelial or other tissue.The secretion of gastric juice is gradually reduced, and the mucous membrane of the stomach becomes thinner.

symptoms of atrophic gastritis more often associated with dyspeptic symptoms: nausea, belching rotten food, feeling of heaviness after eating, rumbling in the abdomen, loss of appetite, bad breath, bloating, diarrhea or unstable chair.Characterized by an intolerance of milk and milk products.Often joined by other gastrointestinal disease: pancreatitis, cholecystitis, enterocolitis.

Gradually, the body starts to feel deficiency of essential nutrients as a result of violation of digestion and absorption.Develops dry and pale skin, anemia, hair loss and brittle nails, blurred vision.

Remedies for gastritis are varied with atrophic changes.Initially used drugs for cell recovery (solkoseril), to stimulate leakage of juice (plantaglyutsid, befungin, broth hips, cabbage juice, gathering medicinal herbs).To make replacement gastric juice, pepsin-acidin.When motility disorders appoint motilium and for pain - Halidorum, Buscopan.

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