Head around : all the causes of dizziness

Head around : all the causes of dizziness
Vertigo at least once in their lives experienced almost everyone.Dizziness can be a very easy and quite pronounced, with the attendant symptoms and manifestations.Often people feel dizzy insignificant signs of fatigue or stress, although in fact they can be a symptom of functional disorders of the body or a sufficiently serious diseases.

have relatively healthy people vertigo may be the result of certain events not associated with disease or damage organs.

Thus, the head can be turned off excess adrenaline in the blood - the hormone released into the blood when frightened, stress.adrenaline provokes a sharp narrowing of the blood vessels to increase blood pressure, depletion of cerebral circulation and oxygen deficiency in the brain.This is quite normal and quickly passes.

Dizziness may occur during sudden movements, if the organ of equilibrium does not have time to rebuild and to perceive the impulses coming to it from the body.This is what happens when riding on the swings and roundabouts.

head can be turned in for violations focusing view, especially at high altitude, with abrupt slopes, spins or turns, when the vessels do not have time to maintain the tone and there is a temporary redistribution of blood in the body and its deficiency in the brain.

Another cause of vertigo may be food shortages.If you eat properly, or rarely, blood glucose level drops sharply and the brain suffers from a "hunger".

dizziness may be caused by taking certain medications.This side effect can give antihistamines, antibiotics and antiseptics powerful, strong sedatives and tranquilizers, actively affecting the nervous system.

attacks of vertigo may occur during smoking because of the effects of nicotine on the brain vessels with their dramatic expansion, as well as the hangover, resulting in poisoning of the nervous tissue itself and its products of alcohol metabolism.At the same time there is pressure, cerebral edema and headache, nausea and malaise.

dizziness may be at the reception of psychotropic and narcotic drugs.

Causes dizziness pathologies

Vertigo can be a symptom of various types of pathologies, but especially serious and dangerous problems are associated with the brain.True vertigo is called the term vertigo.

When taking any posture muscles of the body distribute their tone so that the body is kept in the space of balance.This will assist the work of the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear, the cerebellum and cerebral cortex.

Typically, lesions of the vestibular apparatus is the formation of true vertigo with hearing impairment, tinnitus, nausea, palpitations and vomiting, severe sweating.

attacks occur suddenly and sharply, last a few minutes.Vertigo arise in certain movements which the patient subsequently tries not to commit.

Vertigo can occur when poor circulation in the inner ear, caused by atherosclerosis.Usually in this case they are combined with headaches, hypertension, memory problems.

One of the pathologies associated with severe vertigo, Meniere's disease is - an increase of fluid pressure in the inner ear cavity.This happens after infections, ear inflammation or vascular disorders, cranial trauma.At the same time accompanied by dizziness, balance disorder, uncertainty and unsteadiness of gait, nausea and vomiting, decrease in pressure and headaches, noise and ringing in the ears, sweating.

disease may manifest with unpredictable bouts over.When the next attack occurs, it is impossible to say.The disease gradually progresses even hearing loss.But sometimes the symptoms can disappear on their own after 8-10 years of disease.

causes of vertigo can be labyrinthitis - an inflammation of the inner ear.Infection enters here in the presence of viral or microbial diseases of the whole organism, as a complication of colds and flu.Vertigo with labyrinthitis last a few days or even a week, increased temperature may be tinnitus, nausea and vomiting, hearing loss, and laid his ears.

manifestations subside as the manner in which inflammation and normalizes the inner ear, but it must be cured with an ENT doctor, or can remain incorrigible complications.

often dizziness occur as a result of the inner ear injury due to circulatory disorders in it, the cavity integrity violations, injuries bones or bleeding, damage to the auditory nerve.The manifestations are similar to Meniere's disease, or it may provoke.The head starts spinning immediately after the injury or shortly after it, there may be nausea and vomiting, discharge from the ear ichor or blood.Then it is possible to suspect and even fracture of the skull base.

causes of vertigo may be damage to the vestibular nerve, the exhaust from the inner ear and sends impulses to the body position of the brain.With his defeat of dizziness may occur with other symptoms of illness such as nausea and vomiting, sweating, and pressure surges.It neuritis damaged because of circulation problems, microbial or viral infection, tumors or trauma.

Vertigo with nervous system problems

organs of the central nervous system are directly involved in the coordination and formation of body position in space, along with the balance of the body.With their defeat dizziness occur.When neurological disorders dizzy is not strong, there can be nausea and vomiting, sweating and palpitations, seizures may develop long-term and then gradually disappear.

attacks of vertigo may be due to a transient disturbance of cerebral circulation in atherosclerosis its vessels when the vessels narrowing plaques temporarily cover the blood to specific areas of the brain.

Then there anoxia of tissues, and weakness, headaches, feeling of leaving out of the ground the legs, with memory and thinking problems, insomnia, irritability and mood swings.

For injuries of the skull and knocks brain injuries may experience dizziness and headaches, weakness and even loss of consciousness.The cause of vertigo is cerebral edema, hemorrhage, ischemia of the brain.Also

vertigo characteristic of brain tumor, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and many other brain abnormalities.

accompanied by dizziness migraine, hypertension or hypotension, low back pain, cervical and other parts of the spine.It may feel dizzy from a long work behind the monitor and static posture with muscle tension.

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