5 symptoms of cancer that can not be ignored

5 symptoms of cancer that can not be ignored
Some types of cancer are manifested by specific symptoms, but there are features common to many of them.Of course, if you find yourself in any of these symptoms, it does not mean that you have cancer, but in any case it is necessary to see a doctor and be examined.

Incomprehensible constant abdominal pain, a strange lump or feeling very tired ... The manifestations of many types of cancer may be similar to the common cold.If they individually seem insignificant, then the presence of several of these can indicate a cancer.

Warning Signs of cancer in men

Many cancers, such as prostate cancer, can not in any way denote themselves in the early stages.

If you are at high risk for developing this type of cancer such as family history of the disease, you should be tested for PSA - prostate-specific antigen.High PSA values ​​may indicate cancer.

nonspecific symptoms of prostate cancer may include:

  • bone pain;
  • swelling of the feet;
  • problems with urination.

necessary especially wary if for a short pe

riod of time, about a few weeks, there were difficulties with urination, such as a weak stream of urine, or difficulty passing urine.These symptoms do not necessarily indicate cancer.For example, they may be the cause of prostatitis.However, you must be examined.

Warning Signs of cancer in women

Women face more often than breast cancer.If you find an unusual lump in her breast, a lump or bulge, any changes are the reason for the appeal to mammologist.You may need to conduct a mammogram or other breast visual examination.

Common cancer symptoms: pain

The most common symptom that causes people to see a doctor - it's a pain, unusual, inexplicable sensation of pain.

However, not all pain can indicate cancer.We are often faced with the pain throughout our lives.How to distinguish between "normal" pain from the pain caused by the cancer disease?The first thing to be wary if the pain or stronger or more persistent than usual.

Other signs that the pain may be caused by cancer:

  • it can not be attributed to something specific, such as injuries, sprains;
  • she is constantly present and not weakened;
  • it is strong;
  • it disturbs sleep;
  • it is combined with other signs.

Fatigue and weight loss

The feeling of constant fatigue no particular reason (you are getting enough sleep, not sick, do not overdo) - another sign that cancer may manifest itself.This fatigue is similar to the fatigue that is the flu or a cold, but no other flu symptoms.

As for weight loss, if you lose weight too quickly and without much effort, then it is an occasion guard.Too fast or too easy weight loss can be a sign of cancer.

Most importantly, put all together

As these symptoms are not easy to notice individually, and they are rarely a concern.But if you notice several of these signs, for example, you lost weight, feel tired all the pain or strange, it is best to consult a doctor.

Do not panic at every turn and run to the clinic for any minor ailments, but you need to listen to your body.And if you listen carefully and find small signs of cancer in the early stages, it will help prevent its development.

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