Curvature of the spine when the surgeon will only

Curvature of the spine when the surgeon will only
scoliosis and kyphosis - curvature of the spine, which occur in children often enough.Sitting at his desk, heavy briefcases, leisure time in front of computer or TV, a sedentary lifestyle - and now the child's posture disorder.Tell us how to treat spinal curvature.

Under Scoliosis is commonly understood as a body asymmetry, or lateral curvature of the spine.Kyphosis is a spinal deformity in his sagittal, iethe middle plane, which is accompanied by or stoop humpback.

causes of these diseases for physicians still remain a mystery.On how the spine is broken balance in the period of active growth of the child, dependent timing and tactics of treatment of these diseases.

corset therapy (wearing a special corset), used in the initial stage of the curvature, as a rule, is not effective enough.Yet she suspends the development of scoliosis and gives additional time before the end of the formation of bones, then it becomes possible to conduct the operation.

In case of severe curvature of possible compression

of the spinal cord or nerves, and sometimes paralysis.Curvature of the spine and puts pressure on the patient's internal organs, disrupting their normal functioning.In these cases, the physician typically assigns operation.

Expert Commentary

Heikki Ёsterman, orthopedic clinic Orton (Helsinki, Finland)

«It is important to assess the risk of deterioration of the condition of the patient at an early stage scoliosis.In cases where surgery is not needed, a doctor monitoring the situation through regular clinical examination and radiographic studies.

decision on operation is accepted when the curvature of the spine progresses, disrupting the balance of the spine and bringing significant damage to the functioning of the internal organs of the patient.

In this case, the doctor recommends surgery for spine alignment with fixation using metal structure. "

treatment method is selected based on the degree of child skeletal maturity, and depending on the degree of curvature of the spine.Transaction Solution is usually taken when the bone growth period has been completed.In cases where the operation should be done for medical reasons until the completion of this period, the physician is forced to resort to Spreading design.

development of prevention and treatment of scoliosis

  • control.The curvature of less than 25 degrees to watch until the completion of the growth period, making x-rays every 6 months.
  • corset therapy is used in still growing children for the treatment of curvature of 25 to 40 degrees in order to stop the progression of the curvature.Scientific studies show that the curvature of less than 40 degrees are rarely progresses with age, so patients do not have restrictions in sports and the choice of profession.
  • operation.Curving over 50 degrees is gradually progressing, even when the body is no longer growing.In these cases, the patient usually recommend surgery to prevent further curvature and restore the balance of the back to achieve a cosmetic effect.

Surgical treatment of spinal curvature

As previously mentioned, a surgical operation, through which are connected or spliced ​​two or more vertebrae is called spinal fusion (or arthrodesis of the vertebrae, ie fixing them in a state of immobility).

Over the past two decades has developed many different devices to the stabilization of the spine when performing spinal fusion.

surgeon may use different types of pedicle screws, plates and rods to create a solid, fixed structure, which will create the necessary conditions for the full fusion of the bone graft with the vertebrae.

During the fusion in Finland using computer navigation technology (computer assisted orthopaedic surgery, or CAOS), allowing to achieve high accuracy in carrying out complex operations on the spine and provide a high level of safety of the procedure.

In developing the concept of CAOS surgeons participated Orton Finnish clinic.They were the first in Finland - already since the mid-90s - started using this method for the surgical correction of spinal deformities operations.In the orthopedic clinic was held more than a thousand operations with the use of this technology.

Use of this system is accompanied by the use of modern X-ray technology and precise navigation computer.The surgeon is planning to step up to the smallest detail with the help of established on the basis of computer tomography model reflecting the anatomy of the deformed portion.The operation involved a trained computer specialist.

In spinal fusion requires greater precision screw installation, which significantly helps the use of computer navigation.Titanium screw is introduced into the vertebral body on the side of the spinal canal.

Improper introduction direction and depth of the screw it may cause various complications, up to damage nerve endings, causing the patient will experience severe pain.Therefore, the use of computer navigation during surgery is an extremely important factor in providing the most accurate and safe insertion of screws.

In the long term results of surgical treatment curvatures more than positive.People suffering from various deformities of the spine, are able to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and enjoy their appearance.

monitoring of patients after spinal fusion for 20 years show that the operation is practically return them to the quality of life of healthy people.

material was prepared with the help of a Finnish orthopedic hospital Orton, Helsinki.

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