Published rating of all the Russias Startsmile 2015 children's dental clinics

Published rating of all the Russias Startsmile 20 children
published results of the rating of private dental clinics for children, organized by a popular online magazine about Startsmile dentistry, supported by the publishing house "Kommersant".

For two years Startsmile with informational support of the publishing house "Kommersant" spent "Professional rating Russia dental clinics."

editorial information resource together with leading industry experts developed the methodology and rating system, which allows most accurately determine the level of individual dentistry.

In the context of this concept comprehensively evaluate each criterion, one way or another affects the quality of treatment: the age of the establishment, location, number of declared services, the level of experts, the quantity and quality of equipment, the use of advanced technologies, warranty and service.As a result of the clinic exhibited an overall score, which is composed of dozens of different parameters.

Based on the experience of previous years and the need of patients, in 2014 it w

as decided to make a rating of children's dental clinics.For this new methodology, which takes into account the treatment of children has been developed.

The scoring system included such factors as the availability of licenses and certificates, special equipment, the total number of offices for the reception of children, the use of advanced anesthesia and pain management techniques, as well as professional level.

For these and other clinical parameters to be allocated to the principal amount of points.At the same time the important role occupied the quality of service.So, the big pluses were Dentistry with a separate playroom applying interesting solutions in the field of interior and design, or have in the state of medical psychologists.

allowed to participate in private dental clinics in Russia, having the license for the right to receive children and relevant professionals in the state.After the stage of filing and completing the questionnaire took the longest and time-consuming step - verification of the data collected by the moderators.All information provided is verified to support both the information from public sources (Internet sites and specialized portals), and directly communicating with the clinical and administrative hospital staff.

As a result of expected high positions occupied the clinic, whose main specialty is pediatric dentistry, which have a recognizable brand and has been operating for more than a year on the market.This is great to see and many "newbies" who literally from the opening of steel provide high quality care and service.

was particularly pleased to note the wide geography of the rating: the high places were taken by the clinic in Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Voronezh.

In the coming years we plan to continue this project for non-commercial generalist dentists and clinics for children, so that more patients across the country possessed extensive information about dental services and can get the best possible treatment.

view the rating here: / results_child_rating

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