Constipation traveler : what to do

Constipation traveler : what to do
Travel around the world - this is a new experience and emotions, memories and photos.But these trips are often threatened with some health problems, which need to know in advance, so as not to spoil your holiday.

In addition to such "popular" ailments as acclimatization and change of time zones, the risks of all sorts of tropical infections, diarrhea and allergies, travel can lead to such a sensitive digestive system problems like constipation.

Such locks even have a separate name - constipation traveler.But why do they occur and what to do with them?

Constipation traveler: what is it

course, constipation while traveling may not be as common problems as acclimatization problems or a change of time zone, but up to 15% of the tourists suffer from such an intimate problem, and what's more, this problem can be furtherbe brought home and continue in the familiar human environment.

This constipation traveler does not necessarily occur when moving to other continents and continents, it can overtake even

the lovers of nature and hiking a short distance.

This particular problem, it is associated with the change of habitat conditions and characteristics of life.We will talk about the main reasons for these locks.

long journey

Usually on long trips and long-haul flights and constipation may occur as a result of changes in human biological rhythms.

Simply put, if you are used to doing his business in the morning, but now the morning the body will begin a completely different time (when you are in your home evening or night), and the body fails.

Often changes are transferred easier when flying from east to west, and often, these locks require no intervention, because the bowel movement rhythm is restored quickly, within two to three days.

But long journeys can also be accompanied by dehydration, eating problems, and prolonged sleep mode, sitting or lying down in a chair or a train compartment of the aircraft.

These factors contribute to constipation, which may require adjustment mode, and sometimes even a medical support intestine.Usually portals Tourism Board so travelers carry a light and mild laxatives.

deficit drinking

usually go to the toilet in the trip is problematic, resulting in long journeys to limitations in fluid consumption.Especially in hot climates body loses a lot of liquid and formed its deficiency, including and in the intestine.

often on the road, many deliberately drink less, so as not to look for a toilet.This leads to the fact that the defecation and may also be affected.A sufficient amount of fluid in the gut - it is a prerequisite for the formation of a normal chair, if the body receives enough fluids, it is saved, stool dewatered and compacted, it will lock and the problem with the toilet on arrival.

deficit movements and activity

For active peristalsis and promotion of stool through the intestines must be a sufficient amount of traffic, walking, bending, squatting, etc.Prolonged static sitting posture and impaired motility.

And while traveling is very difficult to move actively, even if it's a trip far from home in a car, we are still sitting in their seats.It does not contribute to the activation of peristalsis and does not help in the formation of the correct chair.

And train journey of several days in length - this is an additional factor for intestinal pain, and low fiber content in the diet to add negatives here.Therefore, during long trips is to grab a big bag of fruit and vegetables.Otherwise, intestine and zalenitsya completely relax, the chair will be problematic.

you should take care of your physical activity in the way and after it, but it is not necessary, and zealous.And accordingly, on vacation is not worth lying for days, turning from side to side on the beach - do not want to constipation, lead an active lifestyle!Walking, swimming, riding on all sorts of forms of transport - that's entertainment, and muscle training.

Changes in diet

One of the problems with constipation in the journey becomes a change in the diet, the usual for you.The road is usually suhomyatku and fast foods, the fluid deficit and light snacks, do not give digestion normally.

Upon arrival, the change of the usual dishes for an exotic or just unusual can give allergy in the form of constipation.Usually constipation gives the abundance of meat and carbohydrate foods, cabbage, fat and fried with a deficit of fruit and vegetables, alcohol intake and dehydration because of this.It is necessary to reconsider its attitude to food, so as not to suffer from prolonged sitting on the toilet.

Psychosomatic difficulties

Toilet - is the place where we spend in my life a long time, and people are very sensitive to its convenience and cleanliness.When changing conditions often occur due to constipation neuyutnosti in the toilet, where it is impossible to sit quietly and relax.

Accordingly, if the toilet is not in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčaccessibility and it is so terrible that you can visit it only in chemical protection suit - problem with a chair invariably arise.We restrain the urge to defecate, which leads to constipation and difficulties with the lavatory in the future.

human digestive system is very conservative and difficult to adapt to the new conditions offered to her, so the intestine can simply capricious.

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