Holidays without injuries : first aid on holiday

Holidays without injuries : first aid on holiday
On rest days are much more active and richer than the everyday life in the metropolis.But injuries are on holiday more often than usual.In order not to regret stupidly wasted because of the banal awkwardness of days holiday, should be ready for anything and be able to provide first aid to yourself and your loved ones.


most common of all injuries.When you stretch the ligaments at the site of injury occurs swelling.To remove the need to edema in the early hours to put him in the ice pack or cold wet towel.

Continuous exposure to cold should not exceed 15 minutes.Take a short break and then apply cold again, after putting in place a bandage squeezing damage.

Best of all, if it's elastic bandage, but for lack of a bandage, you can use a scarf, shirt, any fabric.

injured limb should ensure peace.For a few days of hiking in the mountains and athletic feats necessary to refuse.


In dislocation of the bone is awkward bounce or fall out of the joint.Reduce a it yourself, if you ar

e not a doctor, is not recommended.You can make it worse.

If tensile tight enough to bandage the affected area and apply a cold, then the dislocation have yet to see a doctor.The rest of the rules of first aid in dislocation are the same as in sprains.

fracture Open fracture can be seen immediately.Closed - may be confused with stretching.A sharp pain when moving and sharp pain when you touch any damaged area should prompt: it's not just stretching.

Any suspected fracture to feel the injury site should be very, very careful not to accidentally move the bone fragments.If the fracture is bleeding, it should first stop the bleeding.

Try not to change the position of the injured limb to a more natural and comfortable, because in this way you can inadvertently "dolman" bone.Splint.Secure the injured limb in the form in which it is now.And of course, as soon as possible address to the emergency room.Just install, there is a fracture or not, will X-ray.

abrasions and cuts

Relaxing often people can step on glass or sharp edge of the shell, the skin tear, playing active games on the air.

to quickly forget about this trouble, you should always take with you on vacation disinfecting agent: Zelenka, chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide.Suitable as a disinfectant and alcohol or vodka.

bad to seal the wound bactericidal plaster.If not, do not apply to an open wound plaster unlined as a sterile bandage or fleece, in a pinch, you can use a cotton pad to remove makeup.

main thing is do not let the infection to penetrate the damaged skin barrier.What you ulcer or inflammation in your vacation?

foreign body in the ear

While bathing in a storm or sleep on the beach in the ear can get sand or a small pebble.If you can not shake or wash water from the ear foreign body, will have to go to the doctor.No need to be picked in the ear with tweezers or other objects capable of with one awkward movement damage the eardrum.

If the ear crawled beetle or bug, ask your loved ones to drip into the ear vegetable oil.Insects emerge immediately and cease to bother you.

Injury sea urchin spines or spine ramp

particular danger are injuries in which the wound gets poison exotic marine animals.It is necessary to immediately remove the needle stuck in the body or remains of the spike, and wash the wound with clean drinking water from a bottle.Sea water for these purposes is not necessary.

The victim in any case give to drink plenty of clean water.This general rule bites and poisonous injections beings.And after that is yet to turn to doctors for qualified help: there are different poisons and antidotes to them, too, are different.

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