New life after surgery for joint replacement

New life after surgery for joint replacement
Each year hundreds of thousands of people around the world go through surgery to replace joints (endoprosthesis surgery), and many more are solved on them annually.Such operations have received the status of one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine and enabled millions of patients return to normal life.

For patients undergoing total knee replacement - one of the most common types of this operation, the main question is when they will be able to log in to their usual rhythm of life.

There are many factors that affect the recovery time, but as a rule, the erstwhile freedom of movement returns after three to six months.

recovery after surgery

So, recovery is divided into 2 types: short and long term.

As a result, the first patient becomes able to walk, or yourself, or relying on the support structure, as well as strong painkillers to abandon in favor of drugs, non-prescription.This usually occurs within twelve weeks postoperatively.

long-term recovery occurs when a patient is going to r

eturn to work and normal life.Short-term recovery

This type of recovery implies the earliest stages of his, during which the patient may already own to leave the hospital room and out of the hospital.

the first or second day after knee replacement, most patients are provided with a walker for support movements.Between the third and fifth day, most people already have an opportunity to return home.Statements about the treatment to be provided immediately and may vary zavisimostiot patsientai history of his native country.

Short term recovery also involves the rejection of strong painkillers and a full night's sleep without pills.

Typically, such recovery takes about 11-12 weeks, and it can be considered the beginning of the time when the patient begins to walk without the aid of crutches, walks around the house, not feeling the pain and move around the house without bolii frequent lulls.Long-term recovery

long-term recovery involves the complete healing of surgical wounds and internal soft tissues.If the patient is able to return to work and usual activity, which means that soon he will recover completely.

average duration of long-term recovery for most people undergoing surgery pozamene knee - from 3 to 6 months.

There are a number of factors affecting this period.Positive attitude of the patient to restore faith in the quick correction of great importance.

are important here, of course, and the support of the hospital staff and physician access to all relevant information, as well as the opportunity to communicate with people who had similar experiences.

hospital stay

Before the patient leaves the hospital, doctors must ensure that it:

  • can independently climb and climb down from the bed, as well as to use the bathroom;
  • own eating and drinking;
  • walks, leaning on a cane, walker, crutches, or on the same level surface;
  • can climb up and down the stairs several times;
  • perform exercises prescribed by the doctor at home;
  • able to assess the risks associated with damage to the knee, and he knows the precautions that will help avoid injury and keep proper treatment.

And of course, the patient experienced episodes of pain should be tolerant, otherwise think about early discharge.

Recovery on

home patient in need of care at home for a few days or weeks after discharge.Furniture in the house must be placed so that it is easy to move around with crutches.

If necessary, a person can temporarily change the room or move to the first floor to avoid having to climb the stairs often.All the necessary things should always be in an easily accessible - the shower chair, handrails, etc.

wound care

To prevent infection, it is important to carry out the procedures for wound care.Typically, a patient at the hospital provided such instructions.

wound should be clean and dry.At the hospital, it is applied dressings, which have to be updated in the home as required.Swelling of the wound may be the first sign of blood clot formation, so in this situation you should immediately contact your doctor.

Moderate edema - a normal phenomenon in the period from 3 to 6 months after surgery.To reduce it, you can make ice on a raised leg.The doctor should be notified if the patient has found a new or more severe edema, as it is, again, may be the first sign of blood clot.


Treatment During treatment the patient at home can be an appointment of narcotic or non-narcotic pain relievers, blood thinners, taken orally or administered by injection, laxatives and drugs for nausea.

attending physician should be informed about the acceptance of all drugs, including generic drugs, nutritional supplements and vitamins.It will determine which of them can be taken together with painkillers.

This is particularly important to prevent any bacterial infection in a part of the body, wherein the patient denture was installed.If the doctor believes that the likelihood of infection, he prescribed antibiotics.

Return to normal activities

It is important that the patient is transferred operation after returning home began immediately to try to maintain the previous level of activity.Remember: do not do too much in a short time.At that time, the patient will experience good and bad days, it should be noted the gradual improvement of the condition in the long run.

To do this, consider the following.

  • again get behind the wheel only when the patient is no longer receiving narcotic analgesics, are returned to it former strength, and he is already capable predvigatsya without the aid of crutches.
  • can sleep on the back and abdomen, and on the side.In this case, there are no restrictions.
  • Depending on the patient's activity and its rate of recovery he can go back to work after a few weeks.Set a specific period to help the attending physician.
  • exercises prescribed by your doctor should be performed at least for 2 months after surgery.

Sport and Exercise

Swimming is an ideal kind of vigorous activity, requiring a patient undergoing surgery on the small amount of energy.You can start going to the pool after the removal of sutures and wound healing.

Such sparing sessions, like golf and cycling, have a positive impact on the state of the prosthesis, and more preferably for a man than jogging and skiing: past require large amounts of energy.

Avoid sports and to encourage to sharp movements, such as football, basketball, badminton: they can adversely affect the operated part of the body.

Comments to the article gave Irina Ivanova, Coxa hospital doctor.The clinic, located in Tampere, Finland, specializes in endoprosthesis joint operations.

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