Dry drowning : First aid

Dry drowning : First aid
When holiday on the water need to be prepared to provide first aid to drowning.Approximately 15% of drowning persons die due to not that the water has flooded the lungs as a result of mechanical asphyxia spasm throat.If you act fast, you can still help them.

The dry drowning is different from the wet

If true, or wet, drowning the lungs and trachea person full of water.The skin has a distinct bluish tint.foam abundantly released from the mouth and nose, helped change the composition of blood drowning.

In the "dry" drowning lung water quite a bit.Spasm of the throat slit prevents water to penetrate into the bronchi and lungs, even if the person in the water unconscious.But the water is full of his stomach.

In the corners of the lips can be seen melkopuzyrnuyu foam.In this case, the death of a person is not threatened by the water, and from lack of air, and cardiac arrest.

Most often dry drowning is children and women, or those who are drowning in a chlorinated pool water.Even if the victim is u

nconscious, can not hear his breathing and the heart does not work, its a time can be saved if we act wisely.

First aid for dry drowning

must immediately with a cloth or a hand to liberate man from the mouth of mud, slime, water, mucus, in short, anything that might interfere with conduct artificial respiration.

Reflex compressed jaw can be opened, if it is strong pressure on the corners of the jaw, where converge the upper and lower teeth.

better to provide first aid for two: one person would do chest compressions, and the second - artificial respiration mouth to mouth.It is necessary to tilt the victim's head, open his mouth, pinch two fingers to your nose and inhale it into the lungs air: 12-16 breaths per minute.

Artificial respiration should continue even after the person begins to breathe the air on their own, yet he did not regain consciousness, or until the skin cyanotic and breathing too frequent or not rhythmic.Between breaths the other person is doing the heart massage.

When the activity of the heart is restored, you need to put the victim on the bent thigh saving and some times sharp movements (but do not overdo it, so as not to break the edges) to press the sides of the chest, went to the water.Then he put the victim on his back.

Even if the drowning man lost consciousness and after first aid feels good, it should still be taken to hospital because of the risk of pulmonary edema.

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