Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are among the most reliable means of contraception.In the uterine cavity foreign body is introduced (spiral), not allow the link up of the cavity of the uterus.In addition, the copper, which is braided "leg" spiral causes a local inflammatory response, leading to the spermicidal effect (sperm loses its ability to fertilize).This is the spiral of contraceptive effect.

spiral is introduced into the uterine cavity during menstruation 2-3 days for a period of 5 years, after which it is recommended to remove and, to put the next menstruation new.If you do not have any contraindications to the use of this method, I recommend getting the following spiral:

  • Multiload Ku 375 (for parous and nulliparous women);
  • Copper T 380A Ku (only nulliparous women).

But the main negative intrauterine contraception is that the constant "ajar" the uterus is a direct route for infection.Even copper or silver wire, designed to protect the helpless from uterine infection is not always save.

presence of a foreign body in the uterus also produces abundant, long and very painful (especially in susceptible women) menstruation.

Besides provoking a spiral movement of the uterine fluid in the abdominal cavity, and not vice versa (as nature intended), which can cause ectopic pregnancy or endometriosis (removal of uterine lining cells in the abdominal cavity).

It is known that the percentage of ectopic pregnancies among women with IUDs is almost 4 times higher than that of other women.

use this method of contraception is contraindicated in cervical erosion, chronic infections of the uterus and appendages, malignant tumors of the body and cervix.In addition, women with scar deformation of the cervix after childbirth, spiral simply does not hold (uterine contractions push it).A woman can not feel it, which would result in conception.

large number of contraindications make this method accessible to a limited number of women.But in the absence of contraindications, this method is well suited to couples who live a regular sex life.But partners should be assured in the absence of each other sexually transmitted infections.Since the spiral can not protect against sexually transmitted diseases by.

Material costs: 350 - 380 rubles.
reliability degree: 75 - 80%.

Did you know that ...
Certain infectious and endocrine diseases in the early stages are asymptomatic.In time to detect these diseases should visit a gynecologist twice a year and take control gynecological smears!

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