30 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby continues to grow by leaps and bounds.And it needs increase proportionally to the growth rate.Balance the food ...

Your baby is now an increase of 38.6 cm and weighs about 1482, the height of the uterus - about 29 cm above the vagina.

This week is very important event: the red bone marrow of the fetus becomes a principal organ of hematopoiesis.Now, spleen and liver, previously performed this function, gradually cease to produce red blood cells and begin to carry out its basic functions.Light your child become more and more developed.They are already quite capable of providing it with oxygen.Moreover, since the toddler brain is almost completely formed and actively manages all the processes in his body, the child makes regular breathing movements.Of course, breathing is still impossible to call, because all the oxygen he still gets from maternal blood through the umbilical cord, but develop respiratory reflex greatly increases its chances of survival in case of a premature birth.

child's eyes continue to develop.It is no longer just blinks and opens her eyes for long periods of time.Some researchers believe that he is able to perceive the outlines of various objects.

Your baby continues to grow by leaps and bounds.And it needs increase proportionally to the growth rate.Now your meals should be balanced as much as possible, contain large amounts of protein, vitamin C, folic acid and iron.

By the way, the lack of iron during pregnancy - a very common problem.It leads to iron deficiency anemia in pregnant - a state where the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin or rather, not enough to ensure a full oxygen to tissues.It is dangerous for both mother and child.Ensure that a sufficient quantity of hemoglobin or, conversely, reduced, allowing CBC.Obstetrician appoints him once a month, and this is not accidental.This period is the best, since the lack of iron in the past month will have signs of anemia, but can not become so pronounced that harm you and your baby.Treatment of this condition is usually not complicated and involves taking preparations containing iron.Just do not self-medicate when prescribing to pregnant women need to take into account the many features of the action of drugs, your doctor can easily select the best medicine.

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