29 Weeks Pregnant

In the third trimester baby's growth rates significantly increased in comparison with the first two.Sometimes it will seem that belly grows night ...

Your baby is now an increase of 37.2 cm and weighs about 1319, the height of the uterus - about 28 cm above the vagina.

The child brain continues to form this week.The child is actively preparing for extrauterine life: he continues to accumulate fat tissue and billions of new neurons involved in the work, and on the surface of the brain begin to form furrows and convolutions.

there is intense proliferation of the bone marrow in the long bones, which leads to the formation of channels in the long bones.In the adult human bone marrow functions only in epiphysis - the upper and lower parts of the bones and the middle is filled with fatty tissue.In this period the bone marrow is still far from growing in the epiphysis, but that's where he seeks.By the end of the prenatal period, bone marrow cells will be identified only in the epiphyseal bone of the newbor


eyebrows and eyelashes have already begun to grow, although they are still very thin, but the hair on the head becomes thicker and thicker.Some babies are born with long hair, and some, on the contrary, almost no hair.It does not matter, the hair growth rate laid genetically.And even if in utero hair grew slowly, nothing will prevent them from becoming long and thick, when the baby is born.

Muscle tone increases with every week of development, and it means that you are now a much stronger feel bumps that are quite capable to wake you up or to sleep.

So two-thirds of pregnancy is over, there are only three months, and they fly very fast.But only if you still have not experienced virtually no discomfort from pregnancy, on the other hand, it gives you pleasure, that's all changing now.In the third trimester the baby growth is significantly increased compared with the first two.Sometimes it will seem that belly grows per night!But this can also be used to.Most importantly - comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as regular exercise, which allows muscles to stay toned.And if you do fitness is quite difficult, even in this role will perform diving and daily walks in the fresh air.They not only help to keep yourself in good shape, but also a boost of energy and positive emotions.

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