And more than 42 weeks

This was abroad begins prolonged pregnancy.Perenashivanie fraught with complications during childbirth, as well as various disorders of newborn ...

The maximum duration of a normal pregnancy is less than 41 weeks.During this prolonged pregnancy begins abroad.Perenashivanie fraught with complications during childbirth, as well as various disorders of the newborn state.Thus, in the post-term children is very often marked by asphyxia, hormonal crises, neurological disorders and adaptation.Also at perenashivanii often weakened immune system that causes a higher incidence of such children.

When perenoshennosti raises a number of unique features: a thick skull bones, maceration of the skin of palms and feet, very long nails, lack of lubrication syrovidnoy.In addition, height and weight of the newborn are different in a big way, as compared to a child born at term.Dense skull bones do not allow the head to configure and adapt to the birth canal during delivery, and large sizes often contribute to the emerge

nce of a situation where a child can not pass through the birth canal.This raises clinical situation called clinically narrow pelvis.Also, when a child in the mother perenoshennosti much more likely to have uterine inertia and attempts, which significantly increases the number of operative delivery.And they include not only the caesarean section, but forceps.

So it is much better to prevent perenoshennosti.Of course, it happens that children are born post-term and term of 38-39 weeks, but it is rather an exception.To prevent perenashivanie need time to start preparing for the birth of the birth canal, if the gestation of 40 weeks even celebrated their immaturity.Additionally prevent postmaturity allows ultrasound.For a number of features (a sharp decrease in the volume of amniotic fluid, fetal assessment of the overall tone and uniformity of amniotic fluid) can be suspected perenashivanie pregnancy, and the time to begin the stimulation of labor.Oligohydramnios shows that placental function dramatically decreased, and therefore, the child receives insufficient oxygen and nutrients.This can lead to fetal hypoxia.Normally in this situation due to lack of oxygen and relaxes the sphincter goes meconium in the amniotic fluid.During the ultrasound can be seen as fine inclusions in the amniotic fluid.This situation is dangerous because the child can swallow such amniotic fluid, and in contact with them in the lungs begin aseptic aspiration pneumonia.In addition, due to the decrease in the thickness of the protective layer, which creates the amniotic fluid, the uterus begins to compress quite a child, contributing to the emergence of hyper in his limbs.Possible complications perenashivanie actually a lot more, but the above is enough to try to protect your child from this condition and its effects.So do not delay your visit to the obstetrician, day after day, in the hope that labor is about to begin.Induction of labor is much safer for the baby than the consequences perenashivanie.

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