The fourteenth week of pregnancy

The fourteenth week of pregnancy
At the fourteenth week obstetric "age" of the baby is twelve weeks.During this period, the fruit has already passed the most important stage of the formation of organs and systems, and her mother becomes noticeable belly.

«Interesting situation" is still possible to hide under loose clothing, but in tight clothing belly on the 14th week, already clearly visible.

If the workplace of the future mother still do not know about the pregnancy, it's time to bring a certificate from the employer to the antenatal clinic.

This will not only give the right to demand to facilitate the work environment, but also save from dismissal if the authorities negative attitude towards the employees of maternity leave.

fourteenth week of pregnancy: What happens in a woman's body

On the 14th week of pregnancy, the growing belly can cause uncomfortable sensations when wearing ordinary trousers, it is time to move on special clothes for pregnant women.It has elastic inserts at the waist.

wardrobe updates may require a ch

ange in weight and women, albeit in extra pounds is to blame the increase in blood volume.

On the 14th week of pregnancy to the feelings of a woman who becomes a mother again, can add the first fetal movements.For its proper development it is necessary to take vitamins for pregnant and fully fed.

tummy begins to significantly pressure on adjacent organs, is especially noticeable on the participation urination.During this period, it increases the risk of urethritis, so the woman should be particularly attentive to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms during a visit to the toilet.

Since the start of this period, it is desirable to keep to a diet for pregnant women, not to gain extra kilos.

14 weeks of pregnancy: Fetal development

At the 14th week, the fetus has learned little to control their movements, they are not as chaotic.The kid is able to purposefully bring pen-to-face or grab the cord.


Weight gain during pregnancy diet for pregnant


The fruit begins to feel the taste and hear the first sounds, so it's time to start talking to him and include classical music.

for a period of 14 weeks, continues to form the face become visible cheeks and bridge of the nose, as well as the first hairs in place of eyebrows.Taurus baby is covered with lanugo - embryonic hairs that disappear shortly before the birth.

being developed and the internal organs: kidneys are working and intestines, starts functioning thyroid gland.In girls, the ovaries descend from the abdomen to the pelvis, and the boys formed the prostate gland.

ultrasound at 14 weeks of gestation

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