Midlife crisis for men

Midlife crisis for men
existential crisis or midlife crisis - a whole range of psychological problems faced by men, reaching the threshold of 35-40 years.Before contacting a psychologist, you can try to sort out the problem on their own.

If, describing his condition, the man often uses the word "pointless", "confused", "lost", he begins to question everything in what used to believe, feel malaise, insomnia, depression, fatigue, - these are signs of the notorious crisis.That's when a man suddenly begins to think about questions such as "What is the meaning of my life?".

Debunking the Myth

path to recovery begins with the realization that many of the male myths that people guided the entire previous life, is not quite true.

This willingness macho to admit that he was not always on top (in sex, sports and so on. P.), The ability to realize that some of you have already heights can not reach under any circumstances.

In addition, it appears that even if you are successful in your career, it does not bring the expected joy,

a feeling that in the pursuit of success is missing something important.

time to grow up

midlife crisis - an excellent opportunity to become more intelligent, calm, strong and attractive than before.A few basic rules will help in this.

Firstly, do not try to save the teenage attitude: so you can drive yourself into the trap of longing for the past.

Secondly, it is recognized for a mistakes.The idealization of himself and his life, only to find the true essence interfere.This does not mean that we should "throw everything and start a new life," but that is categorically not like and annoying, one should try to change.

Third, should pay attention to the real, not false manhood: to replace the spontaneity of judgment, recklessness - caution, learn to control their emotions.

very good, if a man is able to realize that the main value - a close family.It is much easier to make a few people happy, than all the world.You must learn how to talk to people sincerely, honestly.If there is a feeling that it is time to ask for a pay rise, it is right to talk about it with the head.

Finally, the best solution is to focus on enjoying the very process of life, and not to a specific global result.The very interesting journey his final goal, and the more a person gets a new experience, the more you learn, the easier it is to understand what he really wants.

Bad ideas

Men pay women at least on the outer age-related changes.Reinforced attempt to save foreign youth: skin tightening and smoothing of wrinkles, gray hair coloring, wigs - it all looks ridiculous and absurd.

young mistress instead of his wife - it is not just a harmless course, you can lose a lot more than purchase.

Stoke Hill in wine - a dead-end option.The problems are not only not solved, but on the contrary, are exacerbated.

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