12 August

Aerophobia : Is there a cure

Aerophobia : Is there a cure
Among the various ways aerophobia treatment is the most effective method of therapy using virtual reality.

According to statistics, one in five flights is subject to fear, and women suffer from this disease more often than men.

aerophobia can manifest itself in the form of an independent psychological disorder or be a symptom of fear of confined spaces or heights.

aerophobia In all cases, is associated with significant disadvantages: people who suffer from it often have to completely abandon the flight because of uncontrollable panic attacks.

aerophobia Many are trying to cope with their fear by resorting to a variety of national methods, or seek professional help.

self aerophobia

Methods With self-treatment aerophobia popular method based on the experience of a man of extreme situations.People suffering aerophobia, trying to disconnect from their fears, began to engage in sports such as hang gliding, parachuting, rock climbing, etc.

One of the most common ways to overcome the fear of flying -

receiving alcohol.Intoxication can bring short-term sedation aerophobia, but this method has many disadvantages.During the flight, the negative impact of alcohol on the body is amplified several times, in addition, according to the new regulations for the transport of passengers by air transport, access control of people on board while intoxicated tightened.

aerophobia Drug treatment is ineffective.Typically, therapy using antidepressants, sedatives and beta-blockers.

Treatment aerophobia psycho

Having a course of treatment from an experienced therapist, a person is able to completely get rid of the panic fear of flying.For a positive result experts use different methods of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

Well established courses that combine the use of the theoretical benefits from the practical part.The patient not only studying books, CDs, talking with a psychologist, but also visited the airport, makes test flights.

cure aerophobia promotes patient immersion in virtual reality.It uses a computer program that simulates the flight of an airplane, and special equipment.The main purpose of this therapy - to help the patient repeatedly relive the situation, calling it a phobia.

This treatment is completely safe, it is held under the supervision of a specialist and is combined with the development of patient relaxation techniques and self-control.

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