Briard : shaggy nannies

Briard : shaggy nannies
Briard - a wonderful defender who will always be there, despite the difficulties.

Very often people call the dog breed Briard French sheepdogs.For a long time they were known in Europe as a field dog.

Briard has an attractive appearance and a charming expression of joy and good nature.For many years, Briard supported service characteristics, because they are used to carry military service, usually in exploration.

Yet the main purpose of the work was a shepherd.Now the advantage of the Briard is considered a long, shaggy coat, that she was the cause of their popularity among the domestic breeds.

Briard Breed Story

Today the breed is very popular and is used as a home and a guard, but initially it was used to protect animals from wolves and poachers, and later began to use it in a variety of military needs.

have Briards, like many breeds of dogs, for a long time did not have an official name.Only in 1989 these dogs called «briard» beautiful and a short name.

is believed that a similar breed has a

ppeared in the XIX century, near Paris, and called it brie on it and then made the main focus of the new breed of artist.

Briard: size and color

have Briard coat is long and tough, thick bangs falling over his eyes.These dogs reach a weight of 41 kg, height ranges from 55 to 70 cm. This is a very noble animal with a head held high and with a soft gait.

Colors of these dogs are quite different, but mostly dominated by the colors in the range of fawn.Usually, this color is a warm and uniform.

Care briar

Long woolen cover can be not only beautiful, but also problematic in daily care.Many dog ​​owners may be difficult, because the wool Briards need long-term care: at least twice a week for an hour of their need to carefully comb.

Despite the fact that this breed is a shepherd, they do not need a large physical exertion, but still they need daily walks, which will help support the physical form.

ideal place Briard habitat can become a big house with a pedestrian area.

Temperament briar briar

have a light and cheerful disposition, he loves attention and society.If these dogs get signs of disrespect or unfair punishment, then they turn in on themselves.

But to restore good relations with them is not difficult: it is enough to show tenderness and walk with him, and the briar becomes old.

In relation to children dog of this breed is very attentive and self-sacrificing, these qualities nature has endowed them.Very often people get the chance to watch how carefully briar seeks to build a toddler in a row.

This dog can be safely called the most kind and attentive nurse who is ready to tolerate a lot from his players.

Education briar is not associated with difficulties, since it is always set to a dialogue with people.Behave with him to calmly and firmly, without giving conflicting indications.From it, you can achieve greater rewards for good behavior rather than punishing misconduct.

tone of voice is enough to make it clear that you do not like, and it will be corrected and execute your command.Briard ready gladly perform any indication, that will delight loved ones, because he is the defender and a lifeguard.

Dogs of this breed is endowed with strong protection instincts, making briar excellent guard dog.Of course, these instincts necessary to develop and consolidate the relevant education.

But mostly briar he understands the responsibility and tries to choose the correct behavior, because he is always ready to cooperate with the person.

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