Pet therapy : what is it

Pet therapy : what is it
pet - the best doctor.Tell us what the animal-assisted therapy.

Animals ability to feel and absorb the pain of others, anxiety, stress, helping people forget about their domestic problems and to shift attention to the outside world, proving once again how beautiful it is.

Pet therapy: an interesting technique

Pet Therapy - (. From the English pet - pet) name that came to us from the West, is revealed as literally treatment with pets.

But it is rather not a cure, but one of the auxiliary techniques, which accelerates healing a sick person.

yet mankind is not able to understand definitively how this works in our pets, but according to research, pets have a unique gift to heal their owners.

This gift is particularly effectively on the elderly, because the main reason for their disease due to loneliness, which causes a lot of negative emotions, anyway entailing and physical distress.

Loneliness - a condition that can lead a person of composure.

Whereas affection, not to mention the unconditional l

ove of a cat or dog to its owner, has effective therapeutic effect.

Our Pets can reduce stress, act as the best sedative, distract a person from physical pain and ailments, mental suffering, fears and so on. They are also able to combine almost familiar people experiencing emotional attachment to their pets.

In European countries, visiting patients practiced four-legged friends (both own and of special agencies).It has been proven that this group of patients a better perceived health care and recover faster.

They help children

Pet therapy has a positive effect on children.For them, the pets will be kind of protection.In particular, if a child is deprived of parental attention or experienced maltreatment.

Because pets love is boundless, not squeezed into any framework, children feel more relaxed and do not hesitate to establish an emotional relationship with them.

Very often cats and dogs are better than adults, it is possible to reach the child's heart and soothe the child.

This applies to various sad situations that children experience very much - her parents' divorce, separation from friends, moving, etc.

healers by nature

stroking a fluffy cat, can reduce blood pressure and stress relief.That's why cats are especially recommended for people prone to cardiovascular disease.

Dogs are ideal for people with diabetes, because these people need regular exercise, and paddock beloved pet - a daily charge and has a good excuse to go for a walk.

Specialists say that animals possessing healing power, are not only cats and dogs, and parrots, guinea pigs, rabbits, llamas, horses and even goats ....

These innocent creatures carry a powerful charge of love, the lack of which we often experience in their complicated lives filled with stress and free portrayed her as a gift.

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