Bolognese dog aristocrats

Bolognese dog aristocrats
Bolognese - rare decorative dog toy with beautiful white hair.

Usually bolognese - a pet and a friend, because this is a decorative breed of dog.She has white hair, it is compact and cute.

characteristic feature Bolognese - lack of undercoat.Their fur does not require shearing and does not fade, but they should be regular comb, or hair will quickly lose its natural shine.

Bolognese breed history

Bolognese - a rare breed of dog bichon group that emerged in Italy.In fact, it is related to Maltese (Maltese bichon), Bichon Frise, Coton de Tulear and Havanese.

Bolognese roots are lost in antiquity, but it is known that they were extremely popular in the Italian city of Bologna, due to which it gets its name.These animals are held to know their loved Austrian Queen Maria Teresa, Catherine the Great and the Marquise de Pompadour.

With the weakening of the nobility began to fall and the popularity of the breed.However, fans of these beautiful dogs and stayed in Belgium, and Italy.They have revived the p

opularity of Bolognese in Europe.

now considered a rare breed, but at the same time is a recognized member of the international canine society.

Bolognese standards

Bolognese - a small dog covered with fluffy white fur.Height is the length of the dog's body.The skull is slightly oval-shaped, its width is equal to the length of snout.The very direct and short muzzle, more reminiscent of a square when viewed from the front.Black big nose and long, erect ears with rounded tips.

The representatives of the breed Bolognese straight topline, harmoniously blends with the croup line.Chest drops to elbows, ribs well-developed.The tail is wrapped on a ring back.

Shoulders sloping and free in his movements.Paws oval with dark soft pads and black claws.Shin hind legs longer than the thigh.Gait bolognese energetic and free, while the dog is held proudly and with dignity.

height at withers males about 27-30 cm, females -. 25-28 cm adult dog's weight should be from 2.5 to 4 kg.

Coat and color bolognese

Bolognese - decorative dog, and so she is very beautiful wool.On the face it is generally slightly shorter than the whole body.In wool fluffy structure, thanks to her, it is not adjacent to the body and does not tangle.

Thoroughbred Bolognese has a white color, no stains and other colors are not allowed.

Temperament bolognese

Bolognese - was cheerful and very friendly.Representatives of this breed dogs bichon frize lose in activity, but they are playful, loves attention and affection.Bolognese always tries to be near his master.

They are intelligent and smart, easy and fast train.The combination of all these qualities makes the breeds of dogs bolognese ideal pets and good companions for any lady.

Bolognese love and comfort, they are easy to please some delicacy, and they always repay the kindness of devotion and obedience.With strangers the same people, these little dogs behave quite closed.

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