Bearded Collie: sociable and affectionate dog

Bearded Collie: sociable and affectionate dog
Bearded Collie is a good companion and favorite of the whole family.

Bearded Collie extremely agile and strong.They are the faithful companions of man for several hundred years.

Scotland Collie called any shepherd dog.Representatives of this breed of lean and agile, so perfectly do the work of grazing.

Nowadays they are almost not used as shepherds, but the value of obedience and appearance.

Bearded Collie Breed Story

second name of these dogs - mountain collie.Bearded Collie - one of the oldest British breeds.The nobility never bred these dogs, so the documents and records of the breed remained very small.The oldest image of bearded collie made in 1771-1772, respectively.Description of the same species was published in 1803.

peak of popularity of the bearded collie was at the end of the Victorian era.In Scotland, they were used as working dogs and exhibited at various dog shows.However, the breed club did not exist then, as there were no official standards.Judges during the evaluation guided by

its own criteria, which gave rise to ambiguity.

the First World War the breed suffered only by cattle drovers - they always appreciate bearded collie for their hard work and the quality of work and made every effort to preserve the breed.

These dogs can work round the clock, in the rain, fog, cold weather, and move easily over rough and rocky terrain, well being governed with the cattle.

After recognition bearded collie breed canine society quickly began to grow in popularity.

Bearded Collie: standards

have bearded collie proportional to the head, muzzle powerful, with a square face.Eyes are expressive, gentle gaze.Hanging ears, covered with long hair.Eye color corresponds to the color tone of the dog.On their face seemed frozen characteristic only for them inquiring expression.

Neck proportion to the body, slightly arched.The body is long, its length is considerably greater than the dog's height at the withers.Steep or flat croup is a fault of the breed.The tail is low, and it is quite long.At rest the tail hangs down and slightly bent at the end, during the bending of the dog activity increases.Gait bearded collie solid, powerful movement.

height at withers males reaches 53-56 cm, females -. 51-53 cm Since this size mismatch is a defect of the breed, bearded collie saved as a medium-sized dog.

Coat and color bearded collie

have bearded collie double undercoat is very soft and fluffy.The coat is straight (although light waviness allowed), hard and shaggy, naturally smooth on both sides of the body.wool length can improve the dog's body shape and to protect it, but the natural lines she does not hide.This dog is better not to cut, allowing the coat to grow.

Color in bearded collie changes.At birth, he is brown, blue, black or pale yellow.With age, hair becomes lighter.Black color is becoming any shade of gray, brown and fade from the sandy.

Temperament bearded collie

Bearded Collie - active and affectionate dog.This breed is very sociable and therefore immediately has to itself, becoming everyone's favorite.

These dogs are calm and balanced, very confident.Fear and aggression do not show.Can not stand the loneliness, try to always be together with the owner.

Kids just love to play with them and protect.

For wool bearded collie should be maintained - daily brushing and combing.In addition to the attention of these dogs need regular training.

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