Highland Hound : rapid earner

Highland Hound : rapid earner
Highland Hound - the guard hunter and leader.

At the moment, almost all members of the Mountain rock hound living on the territory of the United States.It is engaged in cultivation of not more than a dozen nurseries.Buy pet in Russia is very difficult.

Highland Hound Breed Story

the Mountain hound is descended from the United States of mountain areas.The colonists arrived on this earth, brought with him a considerable amount of European breeds of dogs.They have successfully interbred with local animals.

As a result, mixing often born mongrel dogs.Due to the isolation of mountain areas animals bred for a long time together.Given that this is happening in a relatively small number of representatives, a new breed.

Initially the Mountain Hound lived apart from man, but was domesticated over time.Hunters noted its unique capabilities in the prosecution and paddocks of wild animals.The dog has become a great guard farmers' houses from outside invasion.Somewhat later, the mountain beagle breed was accus

tomed to herd management.

This animal did not enjoy popularity, especially outside the United States.Since the beginning of the twentieth century, their numbers start to decline significantly.The efforts of several nurseries not allowed to disappear breed.But their work is aimed at the recognition of the animal, not a success.The dog is not recognized by any of the major canine organizations.

Highland Hound: STANDARDS

Highland Hound has a medium in size and fairly dry constitution, common to all the hounds.Males have a height at the withers of the order of half a meter, and sometimes higher.Their weight is sufficient varies between 15 to 30 kg.Such strong horse racing is one of the main reasons for the lack of recognition of the breed among dog organizations.Bitches slightly smaller males.

Highland Hound has a slightly elongated body.Back straight, stomach virtually preloaded.Chest strong and muscular without bulges forward.Spine perfectly traced visually.The neck is thick and of medium length.

Limbs are proportional to the size of the animal's body.They are quite muscular and strong, that allows the dog to chase game or a long time to go on the trail.Elbow front paws is at breast level.The tail is straight and short.fairly widespread tendency to cupping among animal owners.

head of the breed has average dimensions.Its shape is typical of the hounds.The upper part of the skull is slightly convex.The frontal part smoothly into the animal's nose.Bite jaw right, the teeth have a standard form.The cheeks are dry and tightly closed.Eyes are located closer to the nose than the edges of the muzzle.Color brown, but there may be variations.Unrecognized breed standard allows any color.The ears are triangular in shape, medium-sized, have a semi-rigid cartilage.The first third of the ear is right, then it hangs freely.

The main difference between an animal is its unusual color.Coat color can be red, brindle, black and tan or blue tint.The length of the hair is short.wool rigid structure, with a thick undercoat.Maximum length reaches the chest and ears, but at the cost of thinning.

Highland Hound: temperament

animal has enough aggressive nature, but it almost does not apply to host family and friends.Highland Hound was always a security guard and hunter, she likes to run outdoors.

owner must position yourself as a leader, your dog to listen to him.Animal fairly willful, but very dedicated.

Care and maintenance Highland Hound

Do not start a dog of this breed, if it does not live in a country house.This animal requires an abundance of fresh air and regular walks.Without physical exertion Highland Hound gaining weight and she may appear health problems.

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