Danish- Swedish gardhund : hardy and undemanding

Danish- Swedish gardhund : hardy and undemanding
Danish-Swedish gardhund - this hardy, energetic and smartest dog will become a universal assistant for the entire family.

Danish-Swedish gardhund famous as irreplaceable farm dog, and although it is not of noble blood.The dog can be a shepherd, and the watchman, and a hunter, trapper, and even a variety of pests on the farm.This is a small, cute and sturdy dog, with its high ingenuity, diligence, attentiveness and obedience.

Danish-Swedish gardhund Breed Story

On the territory of Northern Germany, Denmark and Southern Sweden Danish-Swedish gardhund widespread as a typical yard dog.Outside of these countries, this breed is almost does not occur, except that a few residents of England are familiar with some of its members.

Many years ago gardhund lived on farms, it is perfectly protected courtyard, was used as a herding dog, caught in the homes of mice and rats, and also served as an excellent companion to the hunter.This dog kept every Danish farmer in his yard, and for that she was nicknamed "farm

dog" or "rat dog."

However, many young people wanted to move to live in the city, which greatly affected the population of the dogs, they were even on the verge of extinction.But soon the Union of dog handlers from Denmark and Sweden decided to revive the breed, and the participants were able in time to collect the numerous representatives of the yards, suitable for typical breeding dogs.

But only in the late 80-ies of the XX century, representatives of the "farm breed" rendered as a separate breed, and named her Danish-Swedish gardhund.At a relatively young age, these dogs resemble smooth fox terrier, and representatives of the Jack Russell Terrier.

Danish-Swedish gardhund:

standards to Danish-Swedish gardhunda typical compact size of the elastic body, the backbone of developed and muscled.In dogs, this breed is a small head, a relatively a narrow forehead.Go Stop: pronounced snout rather long and narrow.Eyes rounded, slightly protruding, hazel color with a lively gay eyes.

Ears of medium size, are triangular, set high, hanging on the cartilage.The neck looks elegant, long and powerful, back straight and strong, loin is short and muscular.The limbs of dogs of this breed have an average length of, bony but strong.

the Danish-Swedish gardhunda usually short tail from birth, but it is worth noting that the representatives of the same litter can be a different length tails, there are individuals in whom he does not.

ideal height at the withers of adult dogs is 37 cm. The weight should be about 10 kg.

Danish-Swedish gardhund: coat and color

for Danish-Swedish gardhunda typical short coat, hair smooth, shiny and tight to the body, a little stiff to the touch.For dogs of this breed is typical of the basic white color in combination with the markings of different colors and shades.

Danish-Swedish gardhund: temperament

Danish-Swedish gardhund different cheerful disposition and good-natured character.This dog is constantly required a lot of attention, it is tender and not at all aggressive, very devoted to his family and is quite tied to each member.

Education and training are easy, like dogs to obey their master and have words of praise for the correct execution of the command.Gardhund very obedient and clever dog, these qualities help him to become a great circus dog if necessary.

Dogs love to have fun in a noisy company, and perfectly get on with children, they are ready to play all day long with the kids in a variety of action games.Other domestic pets gardhund relates positively to strangers does not feel evil, on the contrary, he is ready to put on public display his playful and curious nature.

Dogs of this breed have adapted to the housing conditions of residence, but do not forget that they need to expend excess energy during long walks and runs in open terrain.

Gardhund - hardy and unpretentious dog, which has good health, for it does not require complex care, sometimes hair should be cleaned with a brush, and the extent of pollution to arrange a bath pet, he is sure to appreciate, but soon soiled again, because it is very fond of wallowing in the sandand burrow.

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