Black Russian Terrier : faithful guardian

Black Russian Terrier : faithful guardian
Black Russian Terrier - beautiful and unpretentious dog, which is easy to teach and train.

Russian black terrier - a breed of utility, which determines its character and behavior.These dogs are unpretentious, easily adaptable to different climatic conditions and have excellent health.

Black Russian Terrier Breed Story

Black Russian Terrier - a young breed, created half a century ago.However, the fame of these dogs rapidly spread throughout the world, and nurseries Russian black terriers exist far beyond his homeland.

Initially, the creators of the task was to bring a strong, dark dog, who could be entrusted with the protection of military facilities.However, today these dogs are better suited for the role of elegant and reliable bodyguards.

The main impetus for the creation of the breed has become an urgent need for a large number of service dogs, which would be adapted to the Russian climate, unpretentious and has an excellent working qualities.The basis for the work was a Giant Schnauzer.

breeders have sought to preserve the best qualities of this German breed, so the work was carried out in two directions: the dogs were crossed with rottweilers and Airedale.During the crossing was used as males and females of both species.Hybrids obtained when this cross were included in further work.

Breed made a splash at the show in 1975 in Budapest.Russian black terriers have established themselves as the best guard dogs.

standard was finally ready in 1979.The second standard, 1981, modified and supplemented, was adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the status of the black terrier breed received only in the USSR in 1985.

Black Russian Terrier was registered as an independent breed FCI on a year earlier - in 1984.The definition of "Russian" to the name of the breed only in 1992 were added in Russia.

Black Russian Terrier: standards

Russian black terriers have a rough and strong constitution, strong bones and strong muscles.

head of a dog a long, flat forehead and a pronounced shift to the massive muzzle.Eyes dark, set obliquely.The ears are small.Neck muscular, long, goes into muscular shoulders.

The body is slightly longer than the dog's height at the shoulder, lower back slightly arched.The tail is set high, short docked.Legs straight, wide legs.Moves animal smoothly and freely.

height at withers males - about 66-72 cm, females slightly lower - 64-70 cm

Black Russian Terrier: coat and color

The Russian black terrier coat rather coarse, very thick and rigid and tight to the body..Hair length from 4 to 10 cm, broken completely covers the body.

On the neck there is a mane.The undercoat is well developed.Color as the name implies, black, for example black and gray.

Temperament Black Russian Terrier

Russian black terrier created as a guard, so these dogs are quite aggressive and distrustful of strangers.They are easy to train, they are smart and helpful, but it should do dressuroy strong and strong-willed person who can show the dog its place.

Dogs perfectly included in any family, if properly raise.They love children, they can be safely leave the child in the street - no stranger will not harm your child of the dog is required to protect it.

Black Russian Terrier lives quietly in an apartment, and in the street.His coat does not shed, it has no odor.The coat should be combed regularly, otherwise there will be mats.

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