When domestic rat begins to spoil things

When domestic rat begins to spoil things
How to wean your pet from harmful habits.

Many owners rats are often faced with the fact that they are a favorite at every opportunity starting to chew just about anything that caught his eye, once selected from the cells.

In the course are furniture, clothing, wallpaper and wires as well as glass, household chemicals and cosmetics.All this can cause irreparable damage to the rat, and even lead to death.

This does not mean that a pet should always sit in captivity and never leave his cell.In order to avoid unpleasant situations just need to be as attentive to those moments when the pet cage open, and never leave it in the wild alone.

All these precautions are good in order to avoid damage, but from a problem nevertheless it will not save.What to do if the next thing was hopelessly flawed and pet does not go to any tricks to combat this kind of sabotage?

necessary to develop some kind of strategy, and clearly follow put the plan.Firstly, it is necessary to establish the cause of this behavior of th

e pet.

options may be few, and the main of them is the natural instinct.Being very curious animals, rodents want to try on a tooth everything up to this point has not occurred in my life.So they determine the objects, whether it's food or material for construction.

Do not violently resist such impulses rats, if there is no danger, because after making sure on own experience of the futility of an object, they stop his gnawing.

If the pet does not miss a chance to "enjoy" household cleaning products, you can choose from a clean container under any shampoo for him.Satisfied in full uselessness of such a container, the rat never touches it.

Such experiments should not be delayed for long.If the interest in furniture and other objects are not extinguished, then the reason for this behavior is not likely that other, as stress.

Being in a state of prolonged psychological discomfort, the rat is able aimlessly for a long time to chew everything that comes in its way.If this behavior has been observed for your pet, the first thing you should pay attention to the conditions in which he lives.

It is important to identify the true cause of alarm occurrence, because, only removing it, you can ease the life of your pet, and rid yourself of the daily material damage.

nervous shock can be either temporary, such as when the cell rearrangement with a rat in a different location, or after the move, as well as permanent.In the first case the animal should soon settle down on their own, but in the second the owner will have to do a little investigating.

source of stress may be too loud and harsh sounds, bright lights, and even the location of the rat adversely home.The stumbling block in this regard can also be a bad relationship between the household and pet.

If you are unable to identify and eliminate the cause of stress, but biting everything does not disappear, it should turn its attention to diet pet food and try to improve it.With a lack of necessary substances rat looking for them in all that they see around them.

Since rats still belong to the order of rodents, do not forget about their natural instincts.Therefore, you must make available to the pet an empty cardboard box, the rat could build his own house.

For grinding of teeth will be useful to add to the rat cage special solid mineral, which will also serve as a source of nutrients for the body of a rodent.

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