Russian colored lapdog : intimate friend

Russian colored lapdog : intimate friend
Russian color lap dog - beautiful decorative dog, bred in the Soviet Union.

Russian color lap dog - very intelligent and trusting animal that loves his master and loves to sit on his lap.

Russian colored lapdog Breed Story

Russian colored lapdogs history goes back half a century, but it began in Leningrad.Breed created since 1951.It was at this time Julia Zvonareva, expert dog handler, who headed the group of dog breeders-fans gets black lapdog from mating dogs white and coffee color.

This lapdog given the name of Ting-Ting.Then there were very few suitable dwarf dogs, so Hungary was imported white male, and the circus, toured while in Leningrad, bought coffee lapdog.

By the end of the fifties by careful selection was obtained a homogeneous population.In the early sixties, it was several hundred phenotypically similar dogs.All sorts of shortcomings, such as the spotted color or deviations in the teeth, have been carefully located and eliminated.In 1964, the first standard was created, which,

after a few modifications was approved in 1966.

representatives of this breed began to actively participate in various exhibitions since the seventies.

Russian colored lapdog: standards

Russian colored lapdog - a small, sturdy dog.Her body is slightly longer than the height at the withers.The size of the head is proportional to body, face is dry and straight, towards the bow, it narrows.Eye color or walnut or dark brown.The nose is small, the color or the same as the color, or black.The ears are small, set high.The body of these dogs is quite compact, strong and muscular back, and lower back slightly arched.The tail should not be too short.Walk the dog free and easy.

height of adult Russian color lap dog in the withers reaches 24-26 cm

Russian colored lapdog:. Coat and color

dogs of this breed thick and dense coat.It's soft, silky, fluffy, lies the waves or curls in large curls.On the face well defined beard and mustache, and their absence is considered a defect.

Color Russian color lap dog can be anything except white.Allowed small white spot on the chest and paws, but they should not occupy more than 20% of the total color.

Russian color lap dog: temperament

Russian colored lapdog ideal for living in a city apartment.She is energetic, cheerful, joyful, playful, affectionate and loving.

It is worth to remember to daily walks with this dog.If the Russian colored lapdog does not come out every day on the street, she appeared with behavior problems.These animals are very active, so the lower the leash their worth only in an enclosed space, for example in your own backyard.

Russian color lap dog needs to be taught obedience, she needed a strong-willed and experienced master.This is a very sociable and trusting animals, love children and enjoy playing with them;They joyfully greeted the guests and immediately rush to get acquainted with them.No dogs are prone to genetic diseases, easy to operate, easy to care for them.

Russian colored lapdog does not fade, it is very clean, but the coat needs regular grooming.

dog does not like to be alone and is always looking for company.It will decorate your home and bring with it the warmth and comfort.

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