12 August

When the dog is afraid to stay home alone

How to heal your pet by fear of separation and help to easily transfer separation.

Most dogs are so afraid of losing their beloved master, it's hard to survive even brief separation.

If the pet is very rapidly reacts to your departure from the house, it means he is afraid that you will leave him forever.This causes a lot of stress in an animal that can become chronic, and the fear of parting with the owner becomes a medical pathology, which is very difficult to eliminate.In order not to bring the dog to such a serious condition, it is necessary to recognize the beginning 'disease' and start very gently and carefully adjust the pet's behavior.

Dogs with such a disorder are beginning to worry, even if the owner just left the room.Fear of separation is usually more pronounced in puppies, older dogs and animals taken from the shelter - they do not know firsthand what it means to be abandoned.

Fear of separation usually occurs in dogs, which is used almost always stay close to the owner and suddenly left

for some time alone.Having experienced such a shock once, the dog will be excited when the owner will only 10-15 minutes.Dogs, like children, are afraid to remain without love, protection and adult protection.Therefore, the owner must convince the animal that he would return.

manifestations of fear

fear of being alone and never see the beloved master manifests differently in each dog.Usually the first symptoms to appear in dogs after 20-30 minutes after the "disappearance" of a person.This may be carefully concealed anxiety, during which the animal refuses to eat, drink and any physical activity.The dog may just lie down all the time to the place where it is usually located the owner, and look at one point.

Some dogs express their fear quite actively.They are howling, barking, whining, scratching and trying to dig the floor, chewing everything that comes in their way.Sometimes the dog attempts to run out of the apartment or house and to look for the owner alone.Sometimes the animal may even spontaneously go to the toilet in an unsuitable for this location, such as on a carpet.

How to help the dog

If manifestations of fear of parting the dog expressed strongly enough, she starts to worry a few minutes after leaving the owner a long time could not recover after his return, can not do without medical care.

However, if the disorder is not so pronounced, the owner can try to rectify the situation himself.

can not punish a dog for damages - she arranged the defeat not to take revenge, but because of anxiety.

not need to arrange a farewell before each departure, disappearance and return should be for the dog commonplace phenomena.It should be left to the sight of his home clothes when leaving the house always say the same phrase to the dog developed a reflex to it.Exit the house for a few minutes, and then return.Repeat this step several times, the dog knew that you always come back.

main thing - to show the dog that you love her and will always come back home, where she is waiting for you.

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