California Spangled leopard in miniature

California Spangled leopard in miniature
California sparkling cat - lively, smart and affectionate cats that are purchased through their appearance as a decoration at home, but quickly become family members.

idea to make domestic cat similar to a leopard belongs to Hollywood playwright and screenwriter Paul Arnold Casey.This idea came from him in 1970 during his visit to Tanzania.Local poachers ruthlessly destroyed leopards because of their luxurious fur, considerably reducing their numbers.

California Spangled Breed Story

Deciding that wanting to wear clothes made of fur, pelt-like pet, there are few breeders, driven by good intentions to preserve wild predators, began to work.By crossing

British Shorthair, Siamese, Abyssinian, Manx, American Shorthair and domestic cats, they have received as a result of a small leopard home.

the first time a new breed of cat image was taken on the cover of the Christmas catalog in 1986.In 1993, California was recognized by TICA shining.The second of its name - the American California.

California Spangled:

description It is harmoniously composed of animals with good bone.They are not too massive (the average weight - 8.4 kg), more - muscular and proportionate.California American special move, creeping gait, because of what creates a false impression of a squat, despite the rather long limbs.

Their faces are intelligent well traced cheekbones pronounced cheeks and strong chin.They are set high, medium, unremarkable, slightly rounded at the ends of the ears, but very beautiful, well located, golden-brown or blue (in white animal) eyes.

short adjacent wool quite soft to the touch, the tail and the abdomen is slightly longer.For these cats the most preferred color tabby with round, like a leopard, spots, but triangular and square marks are acceptable.A long fluffy tail should have a pattern in the form of rings and always - a dark tip.

Breeders managed to get eight colors: blue, brown, black, anthracite, golden, red, silver and bronze.In rare species of glowing Californian, which is called the snow leopard - elegant white coat with contrast black pattern and bright blue eyes.

California Spangled: character

California shining extremely affectionate, sociable, and focused on his master.

have a habit to keep eye contact with the person sitting at eye level.These cats are curious and infinitely inventive in regard to games.They like jumping from a height, and the hunt for artificial mice (for lack of these), as well as with a ball of fun.

They have enviable acrobatic abilities and surprise the hosts jumps and grimaces.It is lively and smart cat, which are fast becoming the darlings of the family.

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