Safe Aquarium

Safe Aquarium
Fish in an aquarium can be lost as a result of water pollution by chemicals and waste of life the fish themselves.

Most often, the water in the aquarium is polluted by various chemical substances due to negligence or bad faith of the owner manufacturers of various accessories for the aquarium.

stones and soil may contain toxic chemicals.The cause of poisoning the water may be poorly cleaned driftwood and roots, the use of detergents and cleaning products for the processing elements of the aquarium decoration installation in the aquarium equipment and items not used in the aquarium (for example, plastic or metal).Unacceptable for long-term contact with an aqueous medium of paint, varnish, glue, too, are a constant source of water pollution.

water in an aquarium can be poison substances entering the tank from the environment.These fast and strong, often lethal to fish poisons are evaporation from different heat sources, such as paraffin and oil, evaporation of paints and varnishes, cigarette smoke, ae

rosols and sprays, household chemicals, insecticides.

danger inside

addition to external sources of danger, there is also internal - fish and plants themselves.In the process of life they create biological waste: metabolic products (carbon dioxide, various separation), resettable fish or dead plant particles that are released after the death of fish or plant products of decomposition.

All these water pollutants participate in the next cycle by recycling with the help of special bacteria in a safe and even beneficial.One of the most important biological processes of fish processing waste is called the nitrogen cycle.

The nitrogen cycle involves certain types of bacteria living in the biological filters and diaphragm.These microorganisms convert these deadly substances for fish, like ammonia and nitrites, nitrates in virtually safe.

nitrogen cycle is carried out not only where there is a biological filter, but in any aquarium.But here there is one feature, the ignorance of which can cost an inexperienced aquarist death of fish.

nitrogen cycle begins in any aquarium immediately, but after some time, which is necessary for the settlement of water, soil and biological filter bacteria populations.If you start a new fish in the aquarium at once, ammonia and nitrite in the water will be very soon, but the bacteria are able to neutralize the toxic substances, still will not be enough.

Therefore it is necessary to give a useful bacteria from a few weeks to multiply and populate the aquarium, and only after that you can run into the water fishes.

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