Choose fish

Choose fish
rules first choice fish for novice aquarists.

properly decorated aquarium with beautiful colorful fish will decorate any home or office.Goldfish do not need constant care and attention of the owner.However, this does not mean that create a beautiful and well-kept underwater world is so simple.

Choosing pets

beginners aquarists better start unpretentious fish, such as guppies.They do not require special care and are omnivorous, although prefer a live feed.Guppies do not care what kind of soil and plants around them.

Bright red beautiful platypus look great in the aquarium and also unpretentious, like a guppy.However, for their well-being requires fresh water.Spoon ordinary table salt added to the aquarium, these fishes will only benefit.

Neon will become a decoration of any aquarium, but to make them feel comfortable in the aquarium should be a sufficient number of plants and dark soil with the addition of a small amount of peat.

Among fish family labyrinth beginner aquarist is better to opt fo

r unpretentious and omnivorous Petushki.Gourami will suit more experienced owner, as they require special conditions and always clean and fresh water.

Noteworthy representatives somovidnyh family.For example, the speckled catfish - omnivorous fish, besides the water in which it lives, does not require additional aeration.Catfish are very fond of digging in the ground, searching for food, and at the same balamutit water.They also prefer to dim light, so hidden in the midst of plants and decorative elements of the aquarium.

Many aquarists dream to decorate your aquarium beautiful goldfish, but beginners to purchase better to wait.Goldfish - being very sensitive and gentle.To be healthy and feel comfortable, they need only live food, plenty of space, very warm clean water and constant attention and care.

The pet store

basic rule of purchase aquarium fish - buy healthy individuals.If the selected fish are too sluggish, "pale", it is better not to risk it.One sick fish quickly infect all the other fish in the tank, and instead of a new pet, you get a lot of sick or dead fish.

If a pet store there are several fish of one species, but you like it, one of them, you have the right to require the seller to just this, and no other.A skilled artisan can easily catch even the most bright-eyed fish.

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