Enjoy your life , forgetting about incontinence

MoliMed® -Special urological pads with mild incontinence

This delicate problem is not accepted to discuss.About her or keep silent, trying to cope alone, or even ignore, considering "frivolous."Incontinence affects both women and men, but the first is much more likely.More than 30 million. Russian women in one way or another, are faced with the problem of uncontrolled urination.Young women affects stress incontinence or postpartum, in women aged incontinence, usually associated with the menopausal changes in the body.Men spontaneous urination may signal prostate diseases.General wear and tear of the body also plays for both sexes is not the last role.

Urinary incontinence negatively affects many aspects of a patient's life.It is not the best way affects our self-esteem, depression intensifies, plunges into social isolation.People go to the favorite work, lock yourself in the four walls, stop intimate relations ... In the meantime, the problem is.The main thing - in time to see a specialist to determ

ine the cause of incontinence and undergo treatment.

To smooth the unpleasant moments associated with incontinence, it is recommended to use special urological pads designed to absorb urine.A great experience in the manufacture of this product has a medical company PAUL HARTMANN, a recognized expert in the field of nursing.Millions of people rely on for their delicate problem napkins and panty series «MoliMed» by Paul Hartmann. Urological pads "MoliMed» this 3-hsloynaya absorbent pad with an absorbent gelling, a special breathable material and anatomical shape, providing maximum comfort.Special processing napkin topsheet maintains an optimal pH 5,5 at the skin surface, prevents the growth of bacteria and protects skin from irritation.Also, each pad - individually wrapped, so it is convenient and hygienic to take with you.

All production lines «MoliMed» passes obligatory dermatologically tested on patients with sensitive skin.There are male and female versions «MoliMed» .Accounting for the anatomical features of both sexes, making them particularly comfortable to use.In the line of feminine sanitary pads can be found 6 species differing in thickness and level of absorbency.For pregnant women perfectly podoydyt special absorbent pants that are well stretched in the waist and worn as a regular underwear.

The range of gaskets «MoliMed» were two new items that have been developed in close cooperation with patients suffering from incontinence, and fully meet their needs.

MoliMed Ultrathin - such shims, you can just forget about them!Minimum lining thickness (total 3mm) allows even wear tight clothes, while providing reliable protection against light incontinence.

MoliMed Sports - what we need active women!The world's first urological pads with locking flaps provide 100% protection against leakage.Laying is not jammed and does not move, providing protection when playing sports and active activities.

Phone toll-free hotline 8800505 December 12

Find out more about the problem of light incontinence at www.molimed.ru

* Certificate of PAULHARTMANNAG November 2008;Gasket MoliMed® topsheet is skin-friendly and has antibacterial properties.

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