Nature against rosacea and dermatitis

Nature against rosacea and dermatitis
Heard recently the opinion that Rosacea, Acne and Seborrheic Dermatitis, the disease is not fatal, problems from them only cosmetic, nothing terrible is not in them and live with them as possible.Indeed, for a man, when considered as a biological organism, there is no danger of death.But man is not only a biological organism, he is also a species.A biological species, according to science, is not without community.Without society, to be more precise.Man lives among his own kind.

Not so long ago stumbled on one of the forums on the topic, which was called so «Girls with rosacea and demodex where you work? ».Then the second page is read hard.

You know, you can take advice such as "do not pay attention and live on" and even try to do so, but when all around you is full of paying attention to you, do it very, very difficult.Add to this legend, fiction and lack of tact.Live, of course, it is possible, the only question is as this very life.And the quality starts to rapidly approach zero.It

outside redness, acne and swollen pores, and in almost depression.A depression aggravates the course of disease, and a vicious circle that is very difficult to break.But you can try.There is a new cream called «Kvaziks» , and I want to talk about it.I understand all got promotional articles, but continue reading to the end and understand that advertising discord advertising.

I undertook to write this article about the "Kvaziks" for three reasons.

first reason : there are things that need to advertise as much and as loudly as possible can be.It's one thing if the article is about a new night cream.It's a question of personal choice.Another thing, if the article is about a new cure for demodectic mange, rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, which prevent to live large number of people.And any new information about how to get rid of those nasty gold.

The second reason is that I know in my own skin, that is a chronic skin disease.The diagnosis will not ship, lucky not to face, and the glory of God.Changed short skirts and shorts to slacks, ceased to sunbathe and have forgotten what a soak in the bath - this is, probably, and all my sacrifices.

And the third reason: from my "personal" nasty skin cream helps me a great "SODERMIX" and he the same manufacturer as the drugs "Kvaziks» .

Why "drugs" in the plural?Because "Kvaziks" is produced in three types.The first appearance for oily skin and one for dry skin and combination skin, and a third type of skin to be protected from external factors, it includes SPF-filter.

All three drugs share a common purpose and are used for rosacea, demodicosis and seborrheic dermatitis.The active ingredient - extract QUASSIA bitter.

QUASSIA bitter - a very interesting plant, the fact that its decoction can kill all crawling and buzzing.This is a very powerful natural insecticide.And the idea of ​​Demodex - mite subcutaneous causing demodicosis should QUASSIA, to say the least, to dislike.Homeland of the plant of South America, where Cassius has long been successfully used as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-parasitic agent.Kvaziks very suitable for those who, for whatever reason, can not or do not want to use medications with metronidazole.QUASSIA bitter quite drawn to his natural replacement, and side effects are not.

In general, all will not paint.Though a new drug, but information about him can be found on the network, and appeared on various forums ratings.Read.Learn.And good luck to all of us.Cheer up, friend.

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