How to get rid of acne : guide for teenagers

How to get rid of acne : guide for teenagers
Rare teenager boasts lack of skin problems.So what to do with acne and how to get rid of them, should know each student.

When acne can not squeeze (as this bacteria into the blood, which is fraught with serious complications), or open the needle (in this case, the bacteria spread to healthy skin and cause the formation of new acne).When a pimple at the teenager need to purchase a remedy for acne and treat them to the skin before the disappearance of eels.

Use special preparations

Pimple - it is always an inflammation arising in the ducts of the sebace

ous glands by excessive sebum production and reproduction of bacteria there, which they feed on.Therefore, acne medications contain antimicrobial agents.One of the most effective is benzoyl peroxide.It has a bactericidal effect, good exfoliate dead skin cells, improves blood circulation, healing of the tissue and reduces the production of sebum.

Choose the right tool

Benzoyl peroxide should not act on the skin surface, and in the ducts of the sebaceous glands.Proactiv Solution System consists of three components, the first of which - cleanser Proactiv Renewing Cleanser .That it removes dead skin cells and dirt from the sebaceous glands, opening pores for benzoyl peroxide.The system Proactiv Solution benzoyl peroxide is in the form of microscopic granules, which contributes to its deeper penetration into the pores.

Well moisten

After treatment the skin by special means it must be well moistened.The composition of Proactiv Solution system comprises allantoin, aloe and panthenol - they have a moisturizing effect, reduce inflammation, eliminate dry skin and maintain its moisture, thereby facilitating treatment.

Treating the entire area

If there is one item on the face or body of a special remedy for acne is necessary to process the entire area: acne tend to spread, and the skin around the pimple can already be exposed to the bacteria, which initially simply unnoticed.That is, when a pimple on his forehead to put a remedy for acne should be all over the face.

not wait for instant effect

Remedies for acne are not instantaneous, in most cases, the effect becomes evident after 2-3 weeks.Drugs based on benzoyl peroxide should be used within three months.However, the improvement can be seen already within 2-3 days.Until a cure is possible to use masking agents.

Choose individual means

Benzoyl peroxide can cause irritation and dryness.If use of the drug based on it you notice itching, dryness, redness, try to reduce the frequency of application of funds.If these symptoms continue, go to another agent comprising, for example, salicylic acid.One of these drugs is also offered by Proactiv - gel Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash gently on the skin and does not cause irritation.

Summary of

brand In 1995, two dermatologist Katie Rodan and Casey Fields developed what they considered a medical breakthrough in the fight against acne (acne).They called Proactiv Solution product - «proactive» (from the English active.), Thanks to its formula it can treat existing skin rashes, and actively prevent the formation of new ones.Mission doctors Katie Rodan and Fields Casey - to help millions of people to leave the acne in the past.Currently Proactiv Solution number 1 is the drug against acne worldwide.

Order product and connect to the program can be Proactiv 365 hotline Proactiv in Moscow: 8-495-788-04-26, in Russia: 8-800-333-47-48 (toll-free in Russia) orwww through the official

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