12 August

Rules of life with an autistic child

Practical tips for communicating with "special" children.

family with "special" children are always special.Since then, as a child diagnosed with "autism" to all family members falls great physical and psychological stress.Immediately there is a series of questions: Does the father of the family to provide one if the mother to return to work will be able to be able to how to raise and train a "special" child and how to regulate relations with other children, if any.Everyone experiences stressful situations in different ways, and not all families are finding a way out.

But when it comes to the understanding that the most important task is to build a full life with a disabled child, there is a desire to help and support each other on the way to a rational solution of this problem, and the situation would be not so sad.

Educational activities with autistic

We must not forget that the "special" kid, despite the incurable disease - pronounced personality, like all children.Therefore, learning the nece

ssary skills and abilities necessary to build around his hobbies and interests.The child will be happy to do what truly captivates and excites him, and the parents will get more pleasure from his success.Many autistic people - successful programmers, artists, accountants, etc.

composing mode of the day for the baby, you need to understand if it will follow it.The average child, even very attached to a certain order of things will take a turn in the plot, especially pleasant.Child-autistic painfully experiencing such moments, and best to minimize them.

Going with a child should not be interrupted for any reason.They can be cut, if necessary, but does not break.The progress that is achieved through hard work, is lost very quickly.Well, if I can go to a correctional school for "special" children, which, in addition to special sessions with teachers and psychologists, and can communicate more with other kids and their families.

However, the house can help your child.There are many teaching aids to teach autistic children.It is very important for these kids develop tactile and possession of his body: this will greatly help modeling (plasticine, clay), mosaic, dance, puzzle constructor.

These children quickly get tired, so it is advisable to switch quickly from one activity to another (with a draw - to work with the cards, with cards - a small charge, a charge - to the account or a letter).

autistic - child special, not all of it will be produced as quickly and as well as in healthy children, but if patience and perseverance he has repeatedly delight relatives excellent results.

Comfortable conditions for an autistic child

Children with autism do not like to touch, but they are important for the further development of the baby's psyche.It helps gentle massage for the night.

Dealing with such a child should be as much as possible.The behavior of autistic and detached view may give the impression that he does not want to communicate, but it is not.These kids need to communicate even more than their healthy peers.

But do not forget and that their characteristic causes and the need for periodic seclusion.Therefore, it is desirable to arrange for a baby a place where no one is left alone in those moments when he wants to be alone.

Toddlers with autism are often subject to intolerance of different products.For them, the children are usually recommended for special restricted diet of foods rich in casein and gluten, as well as sweet.But every child - a personality.It is necessary to observe what and how he eats, what is the reaction to certain foods.Perhaps he will approach another diet.Such a child needs a compulsory intake of multivitamins.

When choosing a doctor is better to seek advice from mothers such as "special" children.

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