Infantile Autism : signs

very first signs and symptoms.

reason infantile autism is unknown, doctors can only give general guidelines for the development and rehabilitation of these children.And often just shrug and admit they are powerless to help a child suffering from the defect of the emotional sphere.

Signs DAM

Infantile Autism most mysterious disease.Such a child can simultaneously understand the most complex game of chess, but at the same time lose the most inexperienced opponent.Performs Semi-acrobatic tricks on the fence at home, but can not even tie their own laces on shoes or zip the zipper on his jacket.

People with this disease can not be the most important in society - to communicate with others.

Most experts are of the opinion that the early infantile autism - a congenital disease.For others, it is associated with some emotional trauma that occurred in the first days of life.

Russian psychological science believes that the nature of the disease - in the failure of the nervous system of the child, the cau

se of which is the mass of a variety of factors - from genetic diseases to congenital metabolic disorders.

main criteria setting RDA diagnosis:

  • lack of interaction with others - the child lives in his own world;
  • stereotyped behaviors - rocking, scrolling something in his hands, shuffling fingers.

Early symptoms RDA

  • Inability to take a comfortable position for both the hands of the mother.
  • unusual reaction to the daily sounds - a child may be afraid of the slightest rustle.
  • Unusual behavior: child can safely lie in bed with my eyes open, without requiring any attention.Parents may be surprised how quiet the child.
  • child avoids eye contact, not interested persons that ordinary children is very rare.
  • lack of desire to "go on the handle."
  • smile does not arise in response to the smile of a loved one, and pleasant sounds or impressions.
  • very long lack of response to his name.
  • Inadequate perception of emotions close, for example in response to the cries of laughter.

  • unusual attachment to one person - often the mother.Or super-strong, in which a child can not physically do without it or dosed with short-term attachment manifestations, but for the most part indifferent attitude.There may be a delay in the formation of attachment to one person, when the baby is 1-1.5 years shows the same location to all the surrounding adults.
  • delay speech development.Lack of babbling in 6-7 months.It is believed that boys begin to talk later than girls.Interestingly, boys and autism suffer 3-4 times more often than girls.Therefore, the absence of babbling and speech a year in 2 years - it is still a reason to consult, for example, a child psychologist.

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