Health students at risk

The ill students and what are the causes of these diseases.

alarming situation

doctors and hygienists in recent years are sounding the alarm: the number of healthy school-age children is rapidly shrinking with each passing year!According to various estimates chronic diseases today are available at 90-97% of schoolchildren.This means that only one or two people from each class can boast the fact that they are healthy.

Among the diseases leading children marked myopia (nearsightedness), gastrointestinal disease (the most common - gastritis) and incorrect posture (. Scoliosis, lordosis, etc.), followed by dystonia, frequent SARS, neurotic disorders, contact infection in the classroom injuryphysical education and recess.

Before we talk in detail about each of these diseases, it is necessary to think about the global causes of this depressing situation.Why are our children lose their health?And how does this relate to the school?

Some children load standards

First of all, we must ask - l corres

ponds school load physiological and psychological capabilities of students?We look at the recommendations of the Research Institute of Hygiene and health care for children and adolescents:

· fifth graders must have a load of 28 lessons provided five-day and six days at 31 under.Lessons they should occupy no more than 2-3 hours a day.Sleep - not less than 9-10 hours, the walk to the sine qua non of physical activity - at least 3 hours a day

· sixth-graders, respectively should be in school 29 and 32 hours, lessons, sleep walking and spend as much time as pyatiklashki.

What happens if the child processes

If child processes in the school, and, moreover, has been added to the 2-3 clubs and after school prefer to sit at the computer and do not go outside the risk zoneincreases significantly.Stress and fatigue, eyestrain, prosizhivanie at his desk in the not physiological position (few children sitting correctly) create excellent conditions for the development of several diseases.

Try to determine - whether all with him in order to

mother who does not work and the house is quite simple to follow the observance of the child's mode.It can help them to do homework, to trace - if he walked.For parents who are working, it's much harder to do.But it is possible for certain signs to understand - whether the child has symptoms of chronic fatigue and stress.

· The child is always sluggish, tired, pale, or, on the contrary, always excited and hyperactive.

· He is sleepy, but in the evening for a long time can not sleep.

· It has poor appetite, he loses weight.

· It is extremely scattered uncollected and, with difficulty doing homework, and school became visibly worse to learn.

If there is one or more of these signs, it's an alarm.Yes, we are very busy.We work in a bank loan, with the heads of the problem.But!If you do not want to miss a child's health and for many years to treat him from serious illnesses, take care of his daily!Do not overload the extra classes.Potentiates play sports, watch his diet and posture at the table.Walk with him, at least on weekends.

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