Infantile Autism : characteristics of the child

fears, aggression and features of development.

The physical development of a child with early childhood autism does not lag behind their peers, can not be said about the mental.

Some characteristics of the child with the RDA

believed that a child is born with such features, which he will need to adapt.He observed an increased response to common stimuli: loud and not very sound, bright light, etc.For such a child is characterized by a particular vulnerability with frequent interaction with other people, even friends.The more intense interaction, the stronger the emotional disinhibition.

These reasons do not cause further development of autism, but the reality is perceived by the child as dangerous, which means that there are new stresses and new manifestation of autistic features.As a result, the child begins to limit their interaction with the world and other people.

Fear and RDA

fear most pronounced in children with autism, but the nature of these fears are not always clear to others.Child

with RDA could wind hole on pantyhose, sun ray, too red light.

Here are some ways of "complacency" of an autistic child.

autistic child, you must first maintain the constancy of its existence, so it is a lot of action repeats an infinite number of times without changing shape.It can be monotonous jumping, tapping, rocking, uttering the same words, talk on the same theme, with pictures the same subjects.Through such actions immutable child receives the necessary experience of life, but at the same time the fear drowns out the changing world around him.

child tries to avoid contact with adults.In the most severe forms of autism, he completely refused to communicate with loved ones, with milder forms of the children refuse to adults in their game.

Usually children, if you do not want to comply with their parents, tell them about it.Autistic children find it difficult to express refusal words, if an adult sentence does not suit him.This may make him the aggression directed at themselves or the world around us.


autistic child's mental and physical development of the child takes place in constant communication with other people.An autistic child it is important to develop itself, without having to interact with anyone.Therefore, cognitive development occurs in it only in those areas where it can do without the help of others or with minimal treatment to others.

A child with EDR slowly formed household skills, but actively replenished repetitive movements.Such a child is clumsy in the actions committed to anything but agile in all its inherent action.For example, it will be easy to jump from the back of one chair to another, while keeping the fine balance.

Typical for these children are shuffling fingers, playing with shadows or reflections, light, color.The feeling of his body in an ordinary child is the starting point for more complex movements and forms of perception, then it becomes an object of self-interest to the autistic child.

If normally it acts as a tool of communication, expressing needs and emotions, then, for an autistic child it - a means of satisfying himself.Children with RDA actively playing with words and syllables, recite a poem, but it is difficult to refer to the mother and ask for a glass of milk.

Thinking autistic child is able to develop only in the framework of its controlled situations, it can regularly rotate the same scheme, but it is difficult to adapt to the constantly changing world around, to change the thought process of others.Child is able to reproduce the most sophisticated chess situation can confound unknown to him moves the weakest partner in the game.

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