" Special" child - a special approach

Families with autistic children are different from normal, but some effort, you can make a living in such a family, close to the ideal.

For moms birth sick child turns enormous stress and emotional strain.Often they consider themselves to blame for the situation and feel insecure and miserable.However, the woman and her perception of reality depends on the microclimate in the family and its future.Therefore, the responsibility of the home hozyastva, in communion with her husband and children, mums it is so important to follow certain rules.

rules for moms

We must learn to give up unnecessary cases - it will teach families to appreciate the daily work and allows mothers to find time for yourself.It is not necessary to burden all the household chores themselves: let the family members themselves learn how to use the appliances and to deal with at least part of the homework.

The daily chart is necessary to allocate hours devoted only to himself and cases that allow to rest and gain strength: crafts,

shopping trip, spending time with friends, sleep, sport.We must look for their own ways of dealing with stress and a bad mood.

No need to overload yourself.Laziness, poor health, unwillingness to do anything does not occur just like that.It is possible, it's just fatigue.Do not throw the sport, you should try to get enough sleep on a regular basis, and take a multivitamin.

can not limit your communication: meeting up with old friends and other mothers, talk with the children and her husband, communicating on the Internet.The less you feel recluse, the better mood and desire to deal with the situation.

Do not forget that you are a woman.Take care of him, flirt with her husband, buy new things.Having an autistic child is not a reason to stop thinking about yourself and plunge into a depression.It's just an opportunity to live in a different way, not as ordinary families.

For men born "special" child's stress, too, and it is from the wisdom and patience of women depends on how it will carry the father.We need to try to understand why her husband is behaving one way or another, he has to feel that life does not stop at the birth of a "special" child, and want to find a way out of this situation together.

If the "special" baby - the first-born, but you have planned a number of children, do not give up their plans.

If self-assemble in the school or kindergarten in the family has other children

necessary to teach children.At least they should be able, within its own age to get dressed, put on shoes and build a portfolio.

necessary to instill the kids at least minimal skills handling household appliances and housekeeping.Between healthy children can distribute some simple duties.Even a child of preschool age are able to sweep the floor, water the plants, collect toys for themselves and lay a bed.

The apartment is better to allocate a certain area for a game that toys are not littered everywhere, creating a sense of confusion.

should not limit the communication of children with both their peers in the yard and with a brother or sister.Autistic child useful their company, and healthy children need to learn mutual cooperation and interaction with the "special" child.

child autistic requires a lot of time, so the time spent with healthy children, should be filled with high quality and most saturated.Always listen to them, do not criticize, become for them a close friend.

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