Belgian Mastiff breed is no more

This is an extinct breed of aggressive and loyal dogs.

Dogs of this breed served as office, sometimes used in hunting.

History of breed

Belgian Mastiff also called Belgian Matheny.Perhaps the breed has French roots, because a dog looks like a French hounds.Some believe that the major French hounds were brought in Belgium, and there they are gradually modified.Other data on the origin of the breed there.

In the XVI and XVII centuries Belgian mastiffs were only sled dogs.They could take away up to half a ton of cargo on the right equipped cart.But animal protection society banned the use of dogs as such, arguing that abuse.In fact, the Belgian mastiff needs daily exercise.After they lost their jobs, the breed almost became extinct.

breed standard

Belgian mastiffs - a very strong and powerful animals.They have a massive head, like all the mastiffs, a skull and a pronounced transition from forehead to muzzle.The ears are hanging.The neck is rather short, the back is straight.The tail is docked t

o a length of 10 cm. Legs straight, strong and muscular.Dog moves freely.

Coat and color

have Belgian Mastiff hair pretty elastic, short, dense undercoat.The color is pale yellow, red or brindle, also allowed the presence of marks.


Belgian mastiffs are very aggressive and did not recognize anyone except the owner and his family.If you do not give the dog a chance to throw out the aggression in regular exhausting exercise, the results can be unpredictable.

Belgian mastiffs are aggressive by nature - even puppies snap at anything that moves, and without fear into the battle;however, with proper education they will recognize the home and protect them until the last.

Belgian Mastiff has become a prime example of how not to deal with the dog.First of all, it is not necessary to deprive an animal of its purpose.An ill-considered intervention activists forced the Belgian Mastiff breed disappear.

Three hundred years dogs of this breed have helped the man and proud to be it needs.By depriving the dog of her work, people stopped her divorces.Draught mastiffs were deprived of aggression, because every day they earn their bread by honest labor, carrying loads and protect them from intruders.Left without your favorite things, without the ability to output energy and power, embittered dog, became unnecessary.So glorious breed came such an ignominious end.

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