Stretching the ankle : the end in training without warming up

To avoid ankle sprains in sports, you need to perform complex warm-up exercises before each workout.

Under sprained ankle means damage (sprain or fracture) ankle ligaments.

Typically, this fairly common injury occurs when the foot gateways, and the reasons for this could be many.This uncomfortable shoes are too high heels, and adverse weather conditions such as ice, and genetically weak joints and tendons.

But the largest percentage of ankle sprains, according to statistics, it is necessary to gyms and fitness centers and is associated with inadequate heating of muscles and ligaments.

What is the warm-up

Before each exercise should be carried out for the warm-up set of muscles, ligaments and joints.As a rule, it is aerobic exercise, such as running in place, jumping, swings his arms and legs, and takes no more than a quarter of an hour.

purpose of these exercises - prepare the body for physical activity.We must not forget that the transition from rest to activity should be increased gradually.

Warming exercises are aimed at increasing body temperature."Cold" chords devoid of elasticity and prone to injury: they are stretched under heavy load increases, and toil.

Aerobic complex helps to saturate the muscles with oxygen and nutrients, reduces the load on the heart and improves ventilation.

rules perform warm-up exercises

  • regularity.
  • Minimum execution time - five minutes.The harder and longer you plan to exercise, the more attention should be given to heating.
  • bringing exercises should include all muscle groups, who will work during training.
  • Warming complex it is advisable to complete the mild stretching exercises.
  • To strengthen the joints in the heating program is useful to include lessons on steptrenazhere.

Symptoms stretching ankle

If you still have not managed to avoid injury, you must be able to differentiate it from other lesions.

damage to the ankle joint is characterized by:

  • pain in the ankle area, while increasing the load on the leg;
  • bruising and swelling in the ankle;
  • limited joint mobility;
  • often at the time of injury the victim detects a click.

First aid for injury

as soon as possible to apply to the affected limb crushed ice in a plastic bag.Treatment time - 10-15 minutes, followed by a break.

Apply a pressure on the joint 8-shaped bandage of elastic bandage to help fix it, reduce swelling and pain.

Victim recommended rest, the injured leg should be kept in the raised position.

To put the correct diagnosis and treatment should be qualified in the next few hours after the injury, seek medical advice.

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