Dyslalia children

Dyslalia children
dyslalia - logopedic problem for many children.How to teach a child to correctly pronounce the words.

Anyone familiar with the situation when the child is happy to communicate, says a lot, not silent for a minute, but instead of "fish" says "yba" or "heron" calls "Suplee".In speech therapy practice, such a defect called dyslalia.

Diagnosis: dyslalia

inability to pronounce certain sounds - a common and the most common in children problem with speech.

Diagnosis "dyslalia" experts give in the event that the child is well-developed hearing, he knows and says a lot of words, knows how to construct sentences correctly uses the tenses of verbs, case, singular and plural nouns, but replaces some soundsother, more simple to pronounce, or mix sounds together.

hardest children to pronounce the following sounds:

  • sibilant "s", "smiling", "h", "communication", "c";
  • sibilant "sh", "g", "h", "w";
  • sounds "p" and "pi";
  • «l" sounds "eh";
  • «to the" sounds "ki";
  • sounds 'r', 'rb';
  • sound "x" and "xi";
  • sound "th".

In addition, the child can be replaced voiced consonants deaf, such as "in-f", "b p";soft consonants replaced by solid, such as "dv-d", "nb-n."

dyslalia children: correction

first, or preparatory, phase correction is also called the staging Sound.Speech therapy task - to teach a child to correctly pronounce the most pernicious complex sound.The specialist understands what exactly the language movement is not given the child spends with him articulation exercises, helping to "build muscle" - a hair's breadth as we're learning some new things for us to move, for example in the dance.

dyslalia Sometimes children may need additional training in distinguishing different sounds to the ear - the development of auditory differentiation of sounds.Calibration is done usually in the form of fun, interesting games and exercises that parents should be sure to repeat with the baby at home.And only after that speech therapist can begin to teach a child to correctly pronounce the most tricky sounds.As soon as the child was able to pronounce it, it comes the second stage works - automation.

speak, for example, the sound "p" separately and use it correctly in a speech - different tasks.The child must learn to pronounce "r" in any words, moreover, it is necessary to retrain all the words with the same sound, which he had pronounced incorrectly.And this is quite a difficult task.

Sometimes parents hear that their child growls quality, depicting a bear, no longer go to a speech therapist, and then the child did not have time to insert a new sound in their natural speech.

third stage correction in dyslalia children - differentiation of sounds - is needed in the event that a child sounds mixed together or replaced by another one sound.Often this stage is longer than the first two, and in this case is very important for parents who need to closely monitor the child's speech and to correct it as long as he does not cease to be wrong.

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