Vitamins and antivitamin : eternal rivals

Spring.In the eternal bustle of the big city, we routinely note lethargy, dry skin, brittle hair, a vague state of the illness.Equally familiar remember about vitamin deficiency and swear to run to the drugstore "buy vitaminchiki" and to the store for fruit.

On why unpleasant symptoms often do not go away, but only worse, says MVGoncharova, MD, chief physician of the Medical Diagnostic Center "Kutuzov".

- Marina Vladimirovna, why our good intentions to help the body weakened over the winter so often fail?

- Vitamins are responsible for the maintenance of normal many functions of our body - for the processes of energy, fat, protein, carbohydrate metabolism, the cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, the circulatory system, for our eyesight, skin condition,musculoskeletal system and even the appetite and emotional state.Naturally, with a deficit of vitamins in the body, we begin to feel worse.It is therefore superfluous to check the level of vitamins, passing a series of bl

ood and urine laboratory tests.

- Assume that the vitamins in the body longer than necessary.Do we not feel better, because they are so useful?

- The principle of "the more - the better" in this case does not apply.Excessive amounts of vitamins in the body - this is the other extreme, is not conducive to the well-being.The overabundance of vitamins often leads to excessive pigmentation of the skin, allergic reactions, fatty liver, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system and kidneys, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, and many other troubles.Of course, to consume enough vitamins - good, but unfortunately not enough.Much more important and correct to build your diet so that the positive effects of the work of vitamins was not neutralize the effect of competing products - antivitamin contained in many foods.

- antivitamin ?!And these are?

- Imagine there.They were discovered over 40 years ago.Thus, in the course of the experiment on the synthesis of vitamin B9 (folic acid), scientists were able to establish that at some time the substance has lost its useful properties of vitamin received the opposite.Further investigation revealed the existence of substances, which are due to its chemical similarity with vitamins in the human body begin to compete with them, instead of the vitamins involved in metabolic processes, inhibit or alter the course of these processes, even when the body gets enough vitamins.

- It turns out that no matter how much you eat vitamins, it's not any good, if coupled with the food we get more and antivitamin?

- Exactly!And if this balance - in favor antivitamin, even when sufficient supply of vitamins in the body, the person will suffer from vitamin A deficiency.In this case the body tries to function normally familiar to him, but due to the lack of vitamins, iepeculiar metabolic catalysts, these attempts are unsuccessful.

- And whether there are examples of such vitamin competition?

- How much you want!For almost every vitamin has its own "antipode" antivitamin.What, for example, happens if an apple cut into slices?After some time, it oxidizes and darkens.Half of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) will be lost because the ascorbate is present in apples - a substance that promotes degradation of ascorbic acid.It is for this reason that fresh-cut salads and freshly squeezed juices are recommended to be used immediately after preparation.

Caffeine - is also antivitamin.It prevents the absorption of vitamin B1 in the body and S. Recently, it was found that caffeine also able to neutralize the effect of certain drugs.Therefore, tea or coffee should be drunk in an hour and a half after eating or taking drugs.Lower levels of vitamin B1 in the body at risk and lovers of Japanese cuisine: fresh and saltwater fish, which is part of many recipes rolls and sushi raw, contains thiaminase, neutralizing the effect of vitamin B1.

- And what a variety of diets, so fashionable today?

- Diet diet discord.Professionally designed diet must take into account these particular products.The situation is different when some dietary restrictions man sets himself on their own, with an eye on someone of your friends, or just because it is fashionable.

I'm not sure that all the fans know the raw food diet: raw beans, for example, will neutralize the effect of vitamin E, and some protein compounds found in soybeans, destroys vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, causing the development of rickets.So before you sit on any diet, it is best to consult a doctor who will be able to choose the right and the power mode, and a course of vitamins.

As for drugs, they also act as antivitamin, but also demonstrate its positive properties.For example, vitamin K contributes to the clotting of blood, and its antipode, bishydroxycoumarin successfully used in the treatment of certain diseases.

In general, you should not think that antivitamin - is some kind of absolute evil.And I repeat: a properly selected diet can successfully solve the problem of beriberi and answer the question why a targeted intake of vitamins is not always makes you feel better.

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