Amaranth : Golden Seed of God

This grain crops over 8000 years."Bread of the Incas" was in Russia in the late XIX century and was considered a malignant weed.

Amaranth is widely cultivated by the Aztecs, who considered that it strengthens the spirit and the body, and its daily consumption of food creates a nation of supermen.Amaranth fed infants were given to the soldiers on long hikes, even used as a means of payment for tax purposes.

Amaranth also played a symbolic role in religious ceremonies of the Aztecs.The seeds of amaranth milled to form a dough, then add honey, and made from the mixture of Aztec figures of gods, which are then eaten.

¬ęgolden grain of God" - so called amaranth our ancestors.Amaranth is widely cultivated by the Aztecs still, I believe that the use of grain amaranth in food strengthens the mind and body, and its daily use creates a nation of supermen.

Amaranth fed infants were given as food to the soldiers on long hikes, even used as a means of payment for tax purposes.

Amaranth was more than ju

st the staple food for the Aztecs, he also played a symbolic role in religious ceremonies of the Aztecs.The seeds of amaranth milled to form a dough, then add honey, and from this mixture made figurines Aztec gods.Figures eaten then admirers of the cult.The cultivation of amaranth is still preserved in the mountainous areas of Mexico and Argentina.

in Asia, Africa and America are grown about 60 different varieties of amaranth.Some species of amaranth grown for human consumption, some - as ornamental plants, but some grow in the wild.The leading center in the world for growing amaranth is a research center in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Amaranth is not a true cereal, seed is rapidly growing resistant to the harmful effects of broadleaf plants.Amaranth - is high, with about corn stalk, the plant with a bunch of pink-purple flowers that retain their color even after zasushivaniya.Seeds appear on shipoobraznyh heads.One plant can be up to half a million seeds.After roasting and brewing grains easily chewed and digested.The seeds have a light nutty flavor and can be used directly for the preparation of breakfast, or grind for cooking of whole grains, or make them the flour for baking.

Amaranth protein contains two times more than rice and corn together.Value is determined by a complex amaranth amino acid composition.First of all, amaranth rich in lysine and methionine.Amaranth is also a good source of dietary fiber, especially insoluble.Foods containing a lot of insoluble fiber reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, cancer, hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

People with celiac disease can not tolerate gluten, you should not eat amaranth.Although amaranth contains little insoluble fiber it reduces high blood cholesterol, as well as pectin or oat flakes.This happens due to the high content of amaranth skvalina.Skvalin - a lipid which reduces cholesterol in blood.

Amaranth is rich in protein, improves the quality of food that does not contain animal proteins.Because amaranth is useful for children, pregnant and lactating women.Leaves of plants rich in vitamin C, tannins, contain carotene, flavonoids, potassium, manganese, zinc, calcium.

Leaves and seeds of plants useful for gastritis, pancreatitis, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, neoplastic processes.

Amaranth oil can be obtained from amaranth seeds, which it is not more than 10%.The oil contains up to 8% of squalene.Squalene is important for the synthesis of steroids and terpenes including female hormones and vitamin D. This is what determines the high physiological activity amaranth seed.

Squalene is an essential component of human skin, and researchers have long observed that substances with a high content of squalene have healing properties.This is precisely what is typical of amaranth oil.

the following key components of amaranth oil are tocopherols (vitamin E).In some varieties of amaranth contains up to 2% tocopherol.This - a record level for all plant sources of tocopherols.The latter are very active antioxidants.

high content of amaranth oil and phospholipids (10%), the predominant component is lecithin.And another group of biologically active substances contained in amaranth oil.It - phytosterols.Their oil content reaches 2%.Note that biogenesis phytosterols closely associated with squalene.

In amaranth oil contains up to 50% linoleic acid and 1% of omega-3-linolenic acid, which has a high biological activity.Amaranth oil is recommended as a dietary correction for the following diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases: ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cerebrovascular accident;

stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;

Skin diseases and skin damage: burns, nonhealing ulcers, psoriasis, dry eczema, atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, dermatitis.

In folk medicine, infusions and decoctions of amaranth is used for gastro-intestinal infections, liver disease and heart disease, the treatment of tumors of different etiology and localization of inward and outward in the treatment of fungal diseases, as a hemostatic agent in various bleedings, topically used for eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, endometriosis, erosion, obesity.

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