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Seven myths about sugar

Seven myths about sugar
Sugar can undoubtedly be called one of the most famous products of our time.His love, dreaming about it, afraid of him, and called the main murderer and culprit of obesity and various diseases ... Let us examine the main myths about sugar.

first myth.Sugar is necessary for brain power

That's not true.Indeed, the brain needs glucose to work, but the sugar and glucose - are two different things.

best source of glucose - a fruit, dried fruit, honey.Sugar is in pure form or, for example, in the composition of chocolate bars does more harm than good.

second myth.Sugar - the main enemy of losing weight

Most nutritionists do not agree with this statement.To lose weight, first of all, need to greatly limit the use of fats.

course, sweets, too, losing weight does not help, but many healthy food systems do not impose a total ban on them.

It usually goes on to share the sweet does not exceed 10% of the total calories of food per day, ie at a rate of 1,500 kcal may be, for example, a candy and sweet coffe


third myth.Craving for sweets inherited

«What to do, in our family sweet tooth" - explain and justify so bust of sweets will not work.Dependence on the sweet indeed recognized medical real, but it is formed only in the process of life.

Firstly, fast carbs, which is a sweet food, instantly saturate, but the feeling of hunger comes just as sharply.And the sudden hunger strong body again it requires fast carbohydrates, as quickly as possible to increase blood glucose levels.

Secondly, sweet consumption activates the pleasure center in the brain, and I want to repeat this experience again and again.

Myth Four.To opt out of sugar, enough to stop eating sweets

This is not so.A lot of hidden sugar found in foods that we do not think sweet.For example, yogurt and cottage cheese with fillings, juices, cereals noodles and even sausage and ketchup.It is due to this hidden sugar, we usually move from the daily norm.

But the greatest danger is the so-called glucose-fructose syrup (corn sugar), used in many industrial sweets.

Its peculiarity is that it does not cause satiety and stimulates the appetite, even if you just ate tightly.Calories derived from this syrup deposited exclusively in fat.

fifth myth.Sweeteners better

sugar Many recent studies refute this thesis.The popular artificial sweeteners and then find substances that cause various side effects.Natural substitutes is sometimes not much better than sugar.

For example, some researchers have linked obesity epidemic in the United States with the uncontrolled use fructose instead of sugar.

long time advertising campaigns in the media were calling for such a change, in the end, if people restrict sugar intake, knowing about its dangers, fructose is consumed almost without restrictions.

Moreover, recent research shows that fructose unlike sucrose does not cause satiety.

unambiguous transition to sugar substitutes only recommended for diabetics, and after consulting a doctor.

Myth sixth.Sugar - the cause of diabetes

common name of this serious disease leads many to believe that it is caused by excessive consumption of sugar.

In fact, a tendency to diabetes is largely laid at the level of genes.There are, of course, risk factors, especially obesity.However, a person can be overweight and not eating sweet.

Myth Seven.Eating sweets leads to tooth decay

reason for tooth decay - plaque, long time to keep the teeth.Plaque is formed from any food that you eat.In sweets there is no any special powers, except that the Toffees, who strongly adhere to teeth.Therefore

basis caries prevention - a regular cleaning of the teeth from plaque.

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