How to cook barley : Cooking secrets

How to cook barley : Cooking secrets
Not all modern housewife knows how to cook barley.To everyday porridge into a gourmet meal, stick to simple rules of cooking is enough.

Once dish of pearl barley were considered royal dishes.And today it is unfairly forgotten.And it is in vain, because the benefit of barley for health can not be overemphasized.

Palatability "pearl" cereals also are above all praise, if you know how to cook it.Books not really pose a big deal.

Types of pearl barley

Pearl barley is processed barley grain looks like a "gem" - pearl.Grow this herb people started since time immemorial.I do not lost it relevance in the modern food industry.Today, there are three types of pearl barley.

  • Pearl barley - barley grain is deprived of the outer shell after processing.Such cereals without bran is used for cooking porridge and soups.When cooking it is greatly increasing in volume.
  • Dutchwoman - the same barley, only held a deep treatment and to take as a result of the spherical shape.Advantages of cereals is more delicate textu
    re of dishes from it and less time cooking.By cons include the loss of the beneficial properties during processing.
  • Barley grits - is crushed barley suitable for the preparation of viscous cereals.

So how to cook barley?

How to cook barley water

only drawback pearl barley can be considered as a long process of cooking.To avoid long hours of vigil at the stove and get in the end a tasty and useful porridge, you can use the following culinary tricks.

Carefully go through unground buckwheat (2 tbsp.) And rinse in several waters.Soak barley in warm water for 12 hours.On 1 st.cereals 1 liter of water is taken.Instead of water, you can use yogurt as porridge will taste even better.

Boil in a pot made of stainless steel water (arbitrary volume) and pour soaked grits.Boil barley five minutes, then discard in a colander and pour into the pan of Article 3.5.fresh water or broth.Again bring to a boil, add 1 tbspbutter, salt to taste and cover the rump.Cook over low heat until thickened about 35 minutes.Then, close the pan with a lid and place in preheated oven to 80 ° C for at least an hour uprevaniya.You can use a water bath.

How to cook barley

milk Deciding to cook milk porridge, you should know that the initial phase of cooking involves the use of water.

soaked evening barley (1 tbsp.) Pour a double volume of water.Season with salt and cook over low heat until soft.The water at that time should be almost completely boil away.

Once this happens, pour into a saucepan of Article 2.5.heated to 40 ° C the milk and bring to a boil porridge.Add sugar to taste and put the pan with the lid removed "income" in the preheated oven, or in a water bath.


How to cook pearl barley soup

often the first dish with barley groats become unappetizing bluish tint.This can be avoided if you know how to cook barley for later use it in soups.

Iterate barley and rinse in warm water.Soak it in 4 h.Then rinse with cold water.Bring to a boil the water (its correlation with groats 3: 1), add salt and cover unground buckwheat.Cook over medium heat for about an hour.Ready loose grits added to soup or pickle for 5-7 minutes until it is ready.

How to cook barley groats

On 1 st.barley cereals to take 2 tbsp.water.Pre Rinse barley in several waters, stirring to left all the dirt and slime.Then cover with cold water, add salt and add a few drops of vegetable oil.Stir and cook over medium heat until all the water evaporation (40-45 minutes).Remove pudding from heat and let stand 15 minutes under the lid closed.

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