Why does the pressure increases

Why does the pressure increases
If you have high blood pressure, it is forever.Therefore, you need to know why the pressure rises and what medications and foods are dangerous at high pressure.

Today hypertension amenable to medical treatment.The correct dosage of the drug and are able to normalize blood pressure and control the course of the disease.As a rule, it is a lifelong therapy, so hypertensive patients need to know the following.Why

pressure rises: it is important to know

  • Some drugs may increase blood pressure.If your blood pressure is high initially, the reception of these drugs can increase it up to dangerous levels.
  • Some medications, such as cold or migraine, can interact with those that you take the pressure.This can prevent the act properly to each of them.

NSAIDs increases

pressure Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are widely used as an analgesic or anti-inflammatory agent, such as arthritis.However, NSAIDs have a tendency to retard the liquid and reduce kidney function.

quite common and most fre

quently prescribed NSAID is ibuprofen, one of the side effects of which - increase in blood pressure.

So before you take the pill for a headache, read "Side Effects" section of the instructions supplied with the drug.

Means for cough and colds also increase pressure

Many symptomatic cure for coughs and colds contain NSAIDs to reduce pain, as well as decongestants, which can significantly increase blood pressure and interfere with ongoing antihypertensive therapy.

significantly increase blood pressure may be preparations containing pseudoephedrine.

Funds from headaches and migraines increase pressure

mechanism of action of some drugs for migraine based on the compression of the blood vessels of the brain, which greatly reduces migraine pain.However, compressed and all the other blood vessels of the body, which again increases the pressure, possibly to dangerous levels.

for Slimming

On the main mechanism of action of the means for weight loss are divided into two groups: adrenalin and serotoninopodobnye.The former include amphetamine and its derivatives having the effect of adrenalin, which is threatening arrhythmia, heart palpitations and high blood pressure.

second group helps to maintain a high level of serotonin, which is called the hormone of happiness.These drugs alter eating behavior: discourage the desire to eat fats and carbohydrates (ie sugar cravings, fat and flour).

Foods that increase blood pressure

These are products with a high content of salt.For example, in some grades of salt in the cheese with more than 20 times greater than curd in sausages - 20-25 times more than in the meat, canned vegetables in - at 7-30 times greater than natural vegetables.About lurking danger in salt for hypertensive patients is well known: the salt activates the mechanisms that cause vascular spasms.In addition salt causes thirst, many people drink, it increases blood volume, which also contributes to increased blood pressure.

Some people believe that spirits are useful in hypertension.It's a delusion.Alcohol dilates blood vessels only in the beginning and then very quickly causes their persistent narrowing and a sharp increase in blood pressure.

thus threatening hypertensive products, food and drinks are not so much.And without them it is possible to do!

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