Stomach cancer : causes

Stomach cancer : causes
Stomach cancer - one of the most common cancers in the world.Despite advances in diagnosis and treatment each year die from it more than 700 000 people.What are the causes of stomach cancer and who is at risk?

When cancer cells develop gastric tissues lose their usual properties become more aggressive, start to divide uncontrollably, forming a tumor.

tumor may grow in size, grow through the stomach wall, hit the neighboring organs, especially the esophagus, liver and lungs.

When the cancerous cells enter the blood or lymph, they spread throughout the body, and of them grow new tumors in organs that are located at a considerable distance from the stomach.So there are metastases.

Stomach cancer: tumor types

in zhuludke can develop from different cell types.The most common adonokartsinoma.This type of cancer arises from the glandular gastric mucosa cell, the cells that synthesize and secrete a variety of substances.

reborn in the tumor may also be muscle and fat cells.There are among gastric tumors

and lymphomas, which are the source of the cells of the immune system.

Stomach cancer: causes and risk factors

The exact cause of stomach cancer is not known.It is believed that degeneration of cells can occur under the influence of carcinogens (chemical or physical influences, such as radiation), which disrupts the normal process of cell division and contribute to "errors" on genteticheskom level.

noted that gastric cancer more often than men suffer.With age, the risk of the disease increases (in both men and women), especially after 60 years.Above risk and those who have someone in the family already has this disease.

indirectly the cause of stomach cancer can be a diet: the risk is higher in people who consume excessive amounts of salt, pickled, smoked and overcooked foods, alcohol abuse.

noted that in regions where traditionally the diet includes a large number of salt and canned food (meat, fish, sausages, etc.): Japan, Korea, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the incidence of gastric cancer above.

One reason for stomach cancer may be the presence of some diseases of the stomach, which often seem to be not too serious: gastritis, ulcers, polyps.Especially it is necessary to be attentive to those who during gastroscopy and biopsy of metaplasia of cells of the gastric mucosa was detected.

metaplasia refers to precancerous, border, states: it means that the cells have not yet become cancerous, but their normal operation, and the division has been violated.

Infection microorganism Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is also considered a risk factor.Settling in the stomach, this bacterium contributes to the formation of ulcers in the lining of the body and increases the likelihood of developing cancer.

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