The first signs of a heart attack

The first signs of a heart attack
myocardial infarction more often suffer from the young active people aged 25-40 years.The sooner it is able to recognize a heart attack, the less the probability of developing severe complications.The first signs of a heart attack is to remember each.

Myocardial infarction - this is one of the most difficult and dangerous forms of coronary heart disease (CHD).From this disease killed millions of people, and in Russia the complications of myocardial took honorable first place in the structure of the causes of natural mortality.

That is why at the first sign of heart attack should begin treatment.This should be done quickly and correctly.

What happens to the heart during a heart attack

Heart gets the necessary nutrients and oxygen from the blood, which comes to him in the coronary arteries.In CHD lumen narrows arteries due to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which consist of a fat-like mass, protein, calcium, cells.

Outside plaque is more dense, and inside it is relatively loose.Plaque can

be damaged in this case is formed at the injury site of blood clot - thrombus, which may partially or completely occlude the vessel.

Since the heart is working very actively, it is very sensitive to lack of oxygen.Due to the sharp decrease in vessel diameter, blood can not deliver the required amount of oxygen to the tissues of the heart.Because of this, it begins necrosis (death) of cardiac muscle.So developing myocardial infarction.

In rare cases, heart attack can occur in people who did not have signs of coronary artery disease.In this case, the disease develops due to coronary artery spasm.Cardiac muscle is also no longer receive the necessary amount of oxygen, which leads to the death of myocardial area.

for recovery after a heart attack heart takes several weeks.In this case the deceased heart muscle can not be restored, it is replaced by connective tissue, and the heart appears a scar.The scar does not have the ability to shrink, so after a heart attack work remains impaired.Severity of violations will depend on how extensive was the damage to the heart.

first signs of a heart attack

In some cases, a heart attack can occur without obvious symptoms.However, more often than note the following signs of a heart attack:

  • intense pain, discomfort, heaviness in the chest;
  • pain in other areas: the hand, stomach, throat, lower jaw;
  • cardiac arrhythmias;
  • signs of acute heart failure: shortness of breath, cough;
  • abdominal pain, hiccups, nausea, vomiting (symptoms characteristic of acute pancreatitis);
  • dizziness, impaired consciousness.

Myocardial symptoms persist for more than 30 minutes and does not pass when taking nitroglycerin.

What you need to do can be a variety of suspected myocardial infarction

Pain in the development of a heart attack.With the sudden appearance of pain or discomfort in the chest expressed need to be very careful.

It should be remembered that the earlier treatment is started, the less the likelihood of serious complications and death.

optimal time to start treatment - 1-2 hours after the first signs of a heart attack, a delay may cause the development of the extensive damage to the heart.So in the event of warning signs should immediately call an ambulance.

How to diagnose myocardial infarction in hospital

First of all, perform electrocardiography (ECG).Electrocardiogram allows the doctor to judge the work of the heart.

Take blood samples for analysis.In myocardial infarction because of the death and destruction of the blood cells reach those proteins which are normally not detected in the blood.

Also doctor may prescribe cardiac ultrasound to identify the dead, irreducible areas of the heart muscle, to assess the extensive damage.

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