Dysbacteriosis : trouble civilization

Most scientists do not believe goiter disease.This is just a special microbiological state in the colon that can cause a number of diseases.

What dysbiosis

Dysbacteriosis called imbalance of intestinal microflora when pathogenic bacteria colonies grow, and colonies of useful - on the contrary, reduced.This can lead to a variety of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the most common of which - irritable bowel syndrome, which is accompanied by abdominal pain, stool disorders, flatulence, and nausea.But that's not all - because it is a condition of the intestinal flora is closely related to such a delicate mechanism of how the immune system, this entails frequent colds and allergic reactions.Ideally, the human body itself has to deal with such violations, and beneficial micro-organisms must be restored and defeat pathogens without any outside help was.But our contemporaries, weak and effeminate, the "good bacteria" very easy "distress."And to prevent the consequences of dysbiosis necessarily re

quire the help of a doctor and medical correction.


Vienna undoubtedly refers to as dysbiosis"Medical problems of civilization."Even some 100 years ago, people were more healthy lifestyle, not eat refined foods with chemical additives, not taking so much medication (such as antibiotics).Today, we live very comfortably, eat delicious.We did not get sick over smallpox and do not die from the flu, but they were replaced by new diseases and conditions that are not life-threatening, but still unpleasant: goiter, allergies, herpes and other


According to various sources dysbiosis withinlife occurs in 90% of adults and 95% of children.Particularly susceptible to him a woman of childbearing age, children of the first year of life and the elderly.Also, any severe disease (SARS, influenza, intestinal poisoning) can result in a violation of the intestinal flora, thus starting the "mechanism of the vicious circle."

strategy correction dysbiosis

  • bowel Remediation of pathogens using drugs - drugs ilibakteriostaticheskih bacteriophages, active against a number of enterobacteria, sticks and protozoa.
  • Sowing lactobacilli and bifidobacteria by taking these live cultures - the so-calledprobiotics (eubiotics).For the same purpose are sometimes used somewhat different drugs called prebiotics, are not externally seeded flora, but serve as food for bifidobacteria.

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