Diabetic Nephropathy : What You Need to Know

Diabetic Nephropathy : What You Need to Know
In diabetes affects all organs and body systems, including the kidneys.This diabetic nephropathy.

primarily in diabetes affects the small blood vessels - arterioles, capillaries and venules.This process is called microangiopathy leads and, in particular, to kidney damage.

developing diabetic nephropathy and vsposledstvii final stage of chronic kidney disease ranks first among causes of death in patients with type 1 diabetes, and the second - in patients with type 2 diabetes.

As diabetic nephropathy begins

wonder diabetes is called diabetes mellitus.Excess blood sugar the body is trying to bring in the urine - this explains the characteristic of diabetes thirst and frequent urination.

patient constantly drinking and urinating often, but what if this is necessary to the kidneys?Forming a huge amount of sweet urine, the kidneys are subjected to pathological changes.This condition is called diabetic nephropathy.

As with all the complications of type 2 diabetes, the initial stage of nephropathy some

time passes unnoticed, developing rather slowly, gradually.The patient noted only increase the daily amount of urine, but it does not feel any pain.

What do the tests

long time, urine does not show any abnormalities.After some time, the protein found in the urine (proteinuria).

Normally, protein in the urine is so small that it is practically defined or determined only supersensitive methods, that is practically it should not be.

Sometimes traces of protein determined.Detection of microalbuminuria - microconcentrations protein in the urine - confirm the start of irreversible damage to the kidneys.

The dangerous diabetic nephropathy

protein steadily decreases blood filtration rate (an average of 1 mL per month).Given that diabetic nephropathy creeps imperceptibly, the lack of timely, which is extremely important, and the proper treatment - a common thing in this case.

latent proceeding five or seven years, the disease can lead to kidney failure so severe that raise the question of the need for dialysis.

Treatment of diabetic nephropathy

as prevention of diabetic nephropathy in earlier stages performs optimal compensation of diabetes.

From therapeutic interventions in the first place is the treatment of diabetes - diet and pharmacotherapy.

on the terminal (final) stage of the disease is carried out renal replacement therapy, mainly by hemodialysis, as well as by organ transplantation.

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