Human papillomavirus : what it is

Human papillomavirus : what it is
Human papilloma virus - one of the most common viral infections in the world.The disease is not fatal, but it creates a lot of inconvenience and also can cause cancer.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV, Human Papillomavirus) - is a group of viral infectious disease, which manifests itself in the mucous membranes and the skin of the carrier in the form of warts and genital warts.

Today there are more than a hundred human papillomavirus, a third of which affects the mucous membrane of the genital organs.

papillomaviruses can cause not only benign, but to be carcinogenic, that is to provoke the appearance of certain types of cancer, including cervical cancer.

Human papilloma virus: infection

viruses are transmitted by touching, contact mucous membranes, skin microtrauma and sexually.An infected mother can infect virus baby during childbirth.

manifestations of human papillomavirus


extremely common today dermatovenereological disease.Its symptoms - protruding formation or grayish pink, similar t

o warts are located on the inner surface of the genital organs, and the cervix.

may also be affected, and the anus.Inconvenience they cause minimal, but warts are extremely resistant and extremely contagious.

Over time, they capture all the new areas and can "occupy" the genitals completely.

Viral papillomas

Externally very similar to common warts, but the main difference between their "character" - impermanence.Papilloma arise on the surface of the skin, then disappear for no apparent reason.

flat warts cervical

most dangerous manifestation of HPV and, unfortunately, the most frequent.Flat warts evidence of prolonged, chronic infectious process in the body, which led to changes in the cells of the epithelium.Flat warts can cause cervical cancer.

Drain genital warts

Something like cauliflower florets, as formed fused genital warts.

important to pass all the tests in time to distinguish from the general genital warts, because the latter can be a sign of more dangerous diseases such as AIDS.

And if does not interfere?

First, neoplasms cause aesthetic problems.Their emergence and proliferation can cause the development of complexes about their appearance, which will inevitably affect the quality of sexual life.

But even if the presence of warts does not cause concern, they can be easily injured during intercourse, causing itching, irritation and inflammation.In addition, vaginal warts can prevent the advance of the baby through the birth canal.

Human papillomavirus: the treatment

completely get rid of the human papilloma virus is not possible.Once introduced into the bloodstream, it is continually present in the body, looking up only under the influence of precipitating conditions.

in your power to get rid of warts and warts and prevent relapse.Do not attempt to treat the human papilloma virus by yourself at home.

approach to treatment should be complex, combine drug therapy, which is designed to suppress the virus and strengthen the immune system, one of the few ways to remove tumors:

  • chemical removal of warts, papillomas and warts;
  • electrocoagulation - removal of structures with the help of high-frequency current;
  • cryotherapy - cauterization by liquid nitrogen;
  • laser removal.

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